When selecting a new office desk you may wonder which route is best for you at A1 Office Furniture we stock and supply a full range of office furniture and can help you decide on the best desk for your needs.

If space is required for working you may be considering a curved office desk, these desks are perfect if you are looking to have additional working space.  Curved desks do take up more room in an office than the straight alternative but are very popular in offices across the UK.

Why use a curved office desk

Ergonomic curved desks are perfect for people who do work on pc and need space for paperwork and drawings. The curved desk increases the working space and provides ergonomic working for the user.

Curved office desks are a great resource for staff and companies alike and offer a range of benefits including extra working space, improved comfort and the opportunity for better storage and organization. We offer curved computer desks in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes to suit your office layout with great-quality wood-effect finishes and block colors to suit your work style and company’s branding.

Curved desks were designed due to the size of a computer screen with the large back and the need to have enough depth to have the monitor far enough away from the user, and give space on the desk for keyboard, mouse and to rest arms. Office furniture trends have progressed along with technology flat-screen monitors are now commonplace in the workplace. These monitors are often attached to the desk using monitor arm further minimizing desk space being taken up by screens. This leaves the question of why are these curved desks so popular? At A1 Office Furniture we are often supplying curved office desks to companies across the UK. You can often find large curved desks in a managers offices and design lead jobs such as architects etc.

Therefore the technology is again dictating the furniture design. However, as these become larger, there may still be a case for keeping a decent distance between user and screen. The advantage for longer-legged people – more legroom too.

The L desks are bigger obviously, so one of the main advantages of straight desks is  the reduced office space, although this does reduce working space for employees.

What makes a desk ergonomic?

Your legs should fit comfortably under the desk if you are sitting with your feet flat on the floor: you should have enough space to cross your legs. The angle between your forearm and upper arm should be between 90 degrees and 110 degrees while your arms are at rest on the desk.

Top tips for working well in the office

Below are some good posture tips so that you can reduce pain and improve total body health.

  • Practice Neutral Posture.
  • Keep Note of Back and Neck Pain.
  • Give Yourself Movement Breaks
  • Use Supports.
  • Purchase an Ergonomic Workstation.

Is the curved desk better for DSE assessments and user’s comfort?

This is an argument that goes back and forth and it comes down to user preference and the rest of the setup of the desk. DSE is very personal to the individual and your DSE advisor at your workplace can advise you on how to

The different names for curved office desks –

Curved desks are advertised under three names online radial, ergonomic and curved itself then with all office desks there are multiple options from leg style to color and storage options.

Making your curved desk extra large?

Customers sometimes require extra-large radial desks this can be for use or to fill the room in grand managers’ office this can be achieved by adding a desk high matching pedestal to your desk on both or either sides. This dramatically increases the size of your curved desk and can fill an executive office nicely.

Buying curved desks from A1 Office Furniture could not be easier and delivery is free if you spend over £300 online. Don’t want to install your new cured desks contact the A1 Office Furniture team who can quote you for delivery and install quotation.