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A chair that you use for 8 hours a day will affect your body. There is no way around that. Truth is, most of us are lazy by nature, so usually we use our chairs in a way that uses the least amount of our energy. If the chair you use is not designed with ergonomics in mind, that means potential trouble for your back and posture.

This is where ergonomic chairs find their best use. What we call ergonomic chairs are the seating pieces that are highly adjustable. Every body is different so there is no one ultimate chair that would suit everyone. This is why adjustability is key in choosing the most comfortable chair.  A typical ergonomic office chair allows is on castors and is swiveled. But this is just a foundation, as nowadays in common for chairs to have many more planes of adjustment. The seat can slide front and back, it can also tilt and go up & down. An adjustable lumbar support is not uncommon. Armrests can be height, front & side slide and angle adjusted.

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