White Curved Desks

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White Curved Desks

Curved desks, also called corner desks and l-shaped desks have increased desktop space and create a natural partition on two sides. Curved desks come in a left and right hand option. Please make sure you are getting the right one.

Curved office desks orientation diagram London

Coupled with a pedestal, be it an under desk one or a desk end pedestal, these desks make ultimate productivity workstations. A1 Office Furniture supplies curved desks in various styles and colour finishes to match any office interior. This particular section lists white curved desks. Most of our curved desks also offer cable portholes for good cable management and are heat and stain resistant.

Why buy a curved desk?

Are you looking for an innovative office furnishing solution that would help you use the available space efficiently, be safe and comfortable and provide an advanced storage option? More and more businesses worldwide have acknowledged the benefits of using curved office desks.

Designed individually for left or right-handed users, they provide advanced desk space and numerous additional storage solutions. Add a mobile or a stationary pedestal, consider various drawers options; together with personalized comfort, ergonomic design and rational space use, you get a multifunctional workplace with advanced storage option. The curved office desk is a solution that allows you to keep all the necessary gadgets and documents handy in a perfectly organized workplace.


Here are the most common benefits of curved office desks comparing to other popular workplace furnishing solutions:

  • Safety.

If you have to work at your desk most of the day, there is a big chance you are no stranger to such conditions as strain or even carpal tunnel. Ergonomically curved office desks provide additional support for the wrist of your dominant hand, eliminating the risk of development of such painful syndromes. Moreover, the ergonomic design of a curved desk prevents you from leaning forward or to the sides. It improves your posture and prevents back pains, spine conditions, normalizes breathing and therefore makes you more productive and efficient at the workplace;

  • Efficiency.

A curved corner desk will help you use the available office space efficiently, getting the most from each inch. The curved desk itself provides you with additional desk space for your documents and equipment. Moreover, the fact that you can tuck your chair under it or optimize the placement of your desk even in the smallest office, you get a chance to introduce additional workplace or install drawers, stands or other storage solutions.

  • Storage.

Not only ergonomically curved desks save space, but they also provide advanced storage options. By buying a curved office desk with drawers or a mobile pedestal, you get a handy and efficient storage solution without the need to overload your office with additional storage furniture or spoil the walls hanging various shelves or drawers.

  • Aesthetics.

It is a matter of personal preferences, but once you open any magazine or social media profile dedicated to modern office design, you will notice that curved office desks are among the most popular furnishing pieces.

All those benefits are pretty obvious and come to mind as soon as you look at a curved office desk or sit behind it for the first time. However, those who have some experience using curved desks in their offices often point out additional advanced benefits.

Curved desks save your money.

Ergonomically curved desks allow you to get the most from the available office room, which means getting the most for every penny you pay for it. Eventually, you either use the existing office most efficiently or get a chance to optimize your business’s budget by moving to a smaller office.

Smaller offices don’t only come with lower rent price, but they require less maintenance, less cleaning and less waste of energy on heating in winter and cooling in summer.


White curved desks are eco-friendly.


White office furniture seems to be the hottest trend in interior design today. And apparently, aesthetics is not the only reason for it. White furniture and mainly white curved office desks proved themselves as innovative and efficient ways to save energy and utilize natural light sources during the workday.

You can easily place a corner curved office desk next to the window. Due to its ergonomic design, you can sit right in front of the natural source of light. It means that your business will save a lot of money on lighting.

If you choose a white curved office desk, you will manage to save even more as white colour reflects natural light perfectly, allowing you visually broaden even the most modest office room and get the most out of any light source.

Just imagine how much energy your business can save because a standard workday lasts for 8 hours, and most of this time, you and your employees won’t have to turn on the lighting.

Not only it will improve your electricity bills, but such careful power consumption will allow you to claim your company as a green eco-friendly business.


Curved desks with drawers brush up your image and reputation

Curved desks with drawers allow you to keep all the necessary documents and equipment right next to you without creating a messy piled-up image of the workspace.

Install drawers on your corner desks or add mobile or fixed pedestals, and you will be able to organize and brush up your workplace fast and easy. This option is most important if you receive visitors, customers or business partners at your office. People will judge your professionalism and efficiency according to the image of your workspace.

Choose a white curved desk and other white office furniture to maximize the effect. White colour relaxes and creates a free and open climate in the room. It helps people focus on the business and be most efficient without any visual distractions.


Curved desks optimize office maintenance.

Getting a white curved office desk for your office allows you to kill several birds with one stone:

  • You save space;
  • You save energy;
  • You get an efficient and perfectly organized workspace even in the smallest room.

However, a curved desk offers options that help you optimize office maintenance. With various drawers and other storage solutions that come with your curved office desk, you won’t have to hang any shelves or buy less additional storage office furniture.

The arrangement of your workplace in the new office will take only several minutes without the need to plan, buy and install additional equipment spending your time and money on it.

You also become a reputable renter who does not cause much damage to the office walls and doesn’t have to make any severe repairs if you decide to relocate your business.


As you see, an ergonomic curved office desk is a solution that can help you be most efficient at the workspace without compromising on comfort or safety. Moreover, a curved office desk and especially white office furniture help you and your employees stay safe, comfortable, and healthy at the workspace, preventing modern office workers’ most common health issues.

 White corner desks sold by A1 Office Furniture are characterised by high quality of manufacturing with the use of industry's best materials. Buying a corner desk from us you will likely join the thousands of satisfied customers of A1 Office Furniture.

Contact us today and learn about curved office desks and various other innovative and most efficient office furnishing solutions we have for you today. Our experts will help you chose a perfect ergonomic office desk with drawers or other storage options which will make your office comfortable, safe and trendy.  


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