• madrid vistor chair
  • madrid vistor chair
  • madrid vistor chair
  • madrid vistor chair

Madrid Visitor Chair Without Arms DY

£94.24 + VAT


Want wooden framed chairs that come with a bespoke upholstery? Then take a look at our ideal line of chairs here. Ideal for meetings or for smaller group sessions, these chairs come with a design that allows them to be stacked up 4-high in size.

They are available in both blue and black, so you can pick the finish that you feel suits the layout and the theme of your business the best. With comfort and usage for as long as 8 hours, these are great for all-day meetings, conference calls, and training programs where people need to be seated for longer time periods.

• Beech wooden frame
• Fully Bespoke Upholstered back
• Available in blue or black
• Stacks up to 4 High
• Usage: Visitor 8hr

  • Seat Width (MM)
  • Seat Depth (MM)
  • Seat Height (MM)