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White Storage

Welcome to our curated selection of white office storage solutions, where functionality meets elegance. From spacious bookcases to sleek cupboards, our collection promises to enhance your workspace's aesthetics while offering practical storage options. Discover our sturdy filing cabinets, office drawers and secure lockers, perfect for keeping your important documents and personal items safe. And don't miss our versatile pedestals, designed to effortlessly fit under your desk or stand alone, catering to your unique organizational needs.

Why buy white office storage?

Does it matter whether you chose white storage units for your office or the colour is not that important? Practice shows that it is crucial! 

Talking about an office, shop, or warehouse, efficient and rational storage is an integral part of successful work.

There are several reasons why thought through storage solutions and units are crucial for any business:

  • When space is organised, the operation becomes more time and effort efficient;
  • In case of audit or inspections, organised storage will help your business pass it with flying colours and gain a positive reputation from authorities;
  • Organised storage makes the workspace safe and comfortable for employees. Workplace accidents hardly happen when space is organised, all the equipment, papers and files are stored safely. It means that employers take fewer sick days while the employer is protected from legal complications and losses.


However, getting several well-organised storage units may not solve the problem thoroughly. Practice shows that the design and exterior of storage units are even more important than their capacity. And from this point of view, white storage solutions become the ultimate choice of business owners who want to get the most out of their efficient space organisation.

White storage cabinets, white desks with drawers or white pedestals provide all the benefits listed above and solve several additional issues that you might have considered inevitable in any workspace:

  • Getting the most out of the office floor space;
  • Keeping an office or workspace clean, neat and sanitary;
  • Eliminating 90% of safety issues during the work process;
  • The healthier environment in the office;
  • Saving money on energy;
  • Creating an interior design that will remain relevant and up-to-date for many years.

White office furniture and mainly white storage units, including white file holders, white drawers, cabinets and more, will help you solve issues that you might have never connected with storage organisation in your office.

White office storage solutions save your money.

There are several ways how white storage furniture can save a great deal of budget for any business:

  • White colour visually expands any space, so you and your colleagues feel comfortable even if the office space is pretty limited;
  • White storage units reflect light, helping you get the most out of natural lighting and save money on electricity;
  • White office storage solutions or white desks with drawers will encourage you and your employees to keep the workplace safe and hygienic. It will naturally reduce the number of sick leaves;
  • White storage solutions can fit into any interior or be adjusted according to any rebranding. Therefore, you save a great deal of money even if your company is going through fundamental renovation.

All the money a business will save on electricity bills, efficient and rational space use, sick leaves and sustainability of white office storage units, can be redirected efficiently. Whether you decide to invest them in new assets for the business, product development, marketing or employees` motivation, those savings will only benefit any business.

White office storage solutions help businesses earn money.

Understandably, white office furniture, including office desks, drawers and white cabinets, help businesses save money. However, practice shows that those companies who aim to get the most out of their interior even manage to earn money and significantly boost up their revenues with white storage solutions.

Here is how it works:

  • White desks with drawers don`t distract with flashy colours, textures or decorative indulgence. At the same time, white drawers and desk cabinets can withhold everything you or your employee may need for work. Eventually, people notice that they work more efficiently behind white office desks with drawers, which naturally leads to revenue boosts;
  • The white office interior is more attractive. White colour creates a positive atmosphere that encourages lively and efficient communication, credibility and collaboration. When you invite investors, customers or business partners into an office organised with white storage solutions; they see your business as a trustworthy enterprise worthy of their attention and money;
  • White is a happy colour. No matter how much papers, files or equipment you have to store, white storage solutions will help you create a lightweight, positive atmosphere in any space. Whether we talk about an office of a big IT company or a small startup, people feel safer and more relaxed surrounded by white storage units of white filing cabinets. And when people feel comfortable and safe, they want to go back to work and don`t mind spending extra time there, earning more money for the business.

The idea is simple: no matter what kind of business you are running, the white interior will instantly create an image of a well-organised, modern and efficient company, where people want to belong, invest and develop.

White office storage solutions will protect your business.

Except for saving your money and helping your business operate more efficiently, white storage units and solutions can protect your company from numerous complications:

  • White office furniture is more hygienic. There is a reason why healthcare preferred white interiors. When the surface is white, you see and remove any contamination immediately, keeping the workspace clean, safe and healthy;
  • White filling cabinets and white drawers help us focus and encourage us to keep our papers in order. It is much easier to find the necessary file in a white cupboard and provide it instantly in audit or inspections.

An organised workspace is crucial for successful and efficient operation. However, the benefits we describe above prove that you can get even more from your office storage once you chose to buy white storage furniture or prefer a white desk with cabinets.

Contact us today, and our qualified experts will explain to you how to turn office furnishing into a wise and efficient investment for your business. 

Storage is necessary in any work environment, but for an office it is absolutely crucial. Good housekeeping of files, documents and stationery is required foundation if an office is to achieve any productivity at all. Therefore A1 Office Furniture would like to present you with our stock of white storage furniture. We have other colours, sure, but here is what many consider the ultimate colour scheme, our range of white office furniture, storage furniture to be specific. We are capable of fully furnishing your office in white. In this section you can find our range of bookcases, pedestals, cupboards and filing cabinets. These will match seamlessly with our ranges of white desks, white bench desks or other white office furniture

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