Reception seating

Benotto Single Seat DM

£327.23 + VAT


Add a stylish seating option to your reception or meeting area with the Benotto. This popular chair style looks great and continues to offer something a little different. The arms being partially removed from the actual structure of the body helps to allow for a more comfortable style, while the difference in look can be just what you need in a modern office.

Designed with stainless steel finishes and a sophisticated black faux leather, this is a great pick for anyone trying to add a touch of style and precision into their meeting and reception areas, encouraging customers and visitors to return.

  • Curved, padded wrap-around sides and back-rest
  • Stainless steel detailing
  • Square underframe with cylindrical leg design
  • Durable leather effect upholstery
  • Deep cushioned seat with side elevation
  • W:720mm x D:680mm x H:740mm