Matching in White Office Furniture

By Sam Kjniff
Matching in White Office Furniture

A1 Office Furniture prides itself on a personal service the sales teamwork with our clients to ensure when you purchase from us you receive the same shade of white office furniture making sure your office completely matches.

We often speak to customers who are trying to correct the mismatch furniture they have ordered when price hunting across different furniture sites throughout the UK.  Like any color and there are variants of colors and shades. This can look obvious in a brand-new white office and therefore it is always best to speak with a member of the sales team before purchasing your white office furniture.

There are 52 shaded of white available and many of these appear in office furniture colors therefore it is so important that you match white office desks & storage to ensure there is no mismatch in color or shade.

A1 Office Furniture is the leading supplier of white office furniture across the country. We stock and supply a full range of White Office Furniture; we use a range of suppliers along with manufacturing are own white office furniture. So, we do have varying shades of whit available to supply you so that we can color match your existing furniture.

A1 Office Furniture are based in Southampton and supply companies across the UK and Europe. We work with companies large and small ensuring we supply them with quality matching white office furniture.

The most popular piece of white office furniture is the white bench desk we stock four variants of white bench desk in the most popular 4 shades of white from our three biggest shades and then manufacturer are own. All our bench desks can be matched up to white office storage and pedestals.

Contact the team on 0845 450 8095 to discuss your white office furniture needs.

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