What are the Health Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk?

What are the Health Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk?

By Pixel Union Collaborator
Height adjustable desks are a popular fixture in today’s modern office. Not only do they make the transition from sitting to standing a lot easier,...
busy open plan office with curved office desks and desk screens

Create stunning desk formations with our desks

By Sam Kjniff
Having an open plan design is a popular trend for office at the moment. As well as that using bench desks give you the choice on the formation that...
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4 Alternative Office Furniture Products That Boost Productivity

By Sam Knijff
W. Clement once said: You’re a product of your environment. Choose the environment that will boost your efficiency. To that effect, how can you set...
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The Best Desks for modern Office

By Sam Kjniff
Modern offices can have man looks. Trying to pin point the standard image is impossible, but white office furniture and bench desks is the way to a...
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What is important to consider when choosing desks for your office?

By Sam Kjniff
There are a few important factors you need to consider when choosing desks for your office. If you don’t understand that purpose your desk is for o...
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A Well Designed Reception Area Can Leave A Lasting Impression.

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Is reception furniture important? First impressions are everything in all aspects of life. More importantly in business. Redesigning receptions are...
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How businesses are using white as a primary colour for all office furniture and the benefits to this.

By Sam Knijff
It is important for businesses to present themselves with a professional image. White office furniture does just that, giving the office clear and ...