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4 Alternative Office Furniture Products That Boost Productivity

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

W. Clement once said: You’re a product of your environment. Choose the environment that will boost your efficiency. To that effect, how can you set up a space that’s not just a place to shelter your workforce, but one that’s a strategic tool for productivity and growth? Don’t be overwhelmed. This is where we come in.

Without a doubt, great furniture has become the newest perk in office environments. Everything from the type of furniture, the layout of said furniture and color choices will set the tone to make or break productivity. Ready to join the wagon? Here are four furniture products from A1 Office Furniture that can revolutionize your productivity?

1. Height Adjustable Desks

Sitting is the new smoking. It sounds far-fetched, but it’s true. An emerging base of research shows that too much sitting increases heart failure and shortens life expectancy. Come to reflect on it; there is no better way to improve productivity than to invest in the health of your employees. Height adjustable desks are the latest health craze, allowing employees to transition seamlessly between sitting and standing positions while they work. It only makes sense to spice up your office furniture with pieces that will not only improve productivity but also promote health.

2. Radial Desks

Many organizations are dumping the old cubicle set-up for a more vibrant workspace that incorporates a crescent shape. Designed to slot into small spaces, radial desks maximize working area, whilst minimizing floor space wastage. The primary benefit of radial desks is that they provide a sizeable table top and can easily be configured into clusters or positioned in room corners. This means less leaning and reaching. Watch your employees’ productivity double when they’re able to function more efficiently in a radial desk arrangement.

3. Bench Desks

Sometimes all you need to get your productive juices flowing is some collaboration. Bench desks have been growing in popularity in the recent years. They not only bring people together, but they also break down visual barriers and encourage spontaneous communication. Our range of bench desks is now firmly established as one of the most sought after product lines, reflecting a market trend driven by corporate culture, working practices and collaborative technology. Most workstations are downright boring, why not change the mood and increase productivity by introducing bench desks?

4. Wave Desks

Wave is yet another fantastic desk system with the added element of extra working space. Similar to radial desks, they are right and left handed. The only difference between them is that with the wave desk, the table top is slightly curved at one end to enlarge the workstation. Perfect for commercial and home office use, these desks will create a modern, airy feel to your workspace. More like stepping into a million-dollar workspace. What better way to boost employee morale and productivity than to incorporate wave desks into your office décor?

For a complete range of new office furniture including white bench desks, visit the website or call for free advice. We also offer office space planning to provide the best set up for your office. 0845 450 8095

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