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A1 Office Furniture Guide: How to buy a desk?

By Sam Kjniff
A desk, a computer desk, an office desk, a gaming desk are effectively the same type of furniture. Their main goal is to provide space for prolonge...
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Where to buy high quality office furniture?

By Sam Kjniff
Traditional way The traditional model of buying office furniture is slowly being replaced by the new, online shopping model. Today, especially with...
The Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

The Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

By Kieran Bednall
For workers who are located in an office, it is advisable to use furniture and equipment that is adjusted to the correct ergonomics to prevent back...
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Create stunning desk formations with our desks

By Sam Kjniff
Having an open plan design is a popular trend for office at the moment. As well as that using bench desks give you the choice on the formation that...
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4 Alternative Office Furniture Products That Boost Productivity

By Sam Knijff
W. Clement once said: You’re a product of your environment. Choose the environment that will boost your efficiency. To that effect, how can you set...
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The Best Desks for modern Office

By Sam Kjniff
Modern offices can have man looks. Trying to pin point the standard image is impossible, but white office furniture and bench desks is the way to a...
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Three Benefits to using bench desks when planning your office.

By Sam Kjniff
There are many benefits to using bench desks in your office. The top three are: Bench desks come in many sizes helping space saving in offices. Be...
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What is important to consider when choosing desks for your office?

By Sam Kjniff
There are a few important factors you need to consider when choosing desks for your office. If you don’t understand that purpose your desk is for o...
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Curved Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
Curved office furniture is an ideal solution to maximise space and create a prefect working environment for you and your employees. Whether you usi...