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Where to buy high quality office furniture?

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

Traditional way

The traditional model of buying office furniture is slowly being replaced by the new, online shopping model. Today, especially with the sanitary circumstances, physically going to a furniture shop is rarely an option. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to go to a furniture store, where it is required to walk from one office desk to another to actually see what is available. Compare that to a few clicks and a little scrolling and it instantly proves a wasted effort. As long as full information is available, there is little to none benefit from buying office furniture in person. It is much easier and quicker to simply order furniture online.

Another big factor is plain geography. How many office furniture stores near me are there? Unless you are in London, Manchester, Birmingham or any other large agglomeration, our guess is one or two. When buying office furniture online, you get access to nationwide stocks of office furniture at your fingertip. This can’t possibly be matched by any traditional furniture store. The vast number of offers might actually be overwhelming, when you think about it, but just imagine having to actually walk up to every one furniture piece listed online.


Browsing through our ranges of desks, chairs, office storage, meeting or reception furniture is just as easy as looking at your facebook feed, rather than a mundane trip to a physical location. You can use our menu with office furniture categories or use the search bar. If you still can’t find what you are looking for you or you simply want us to do the work, you can always speak to us for free, by requesting a callback – our advisor will get in touch within seconds and help you with anything, including processing the order. How cool is that? Remember the last time you needed assistance in a traditional store? How long it took to find an employee, who could advise?

Our specialities

This also applies to home office furniture which we sell as well. You can easily find great furniture for your home office, even if you are looking for unusual home office furniture, such as white computer desk or a walnut desk. Actually the mentioned white desk is part of our speciality: white office furniture. We stock modern white desks, white shelves and bookcases, but also white coffee tables and white meeting tables. Please browse our white office furniture section for the full range.

A1 Office Furniture offers a nationwide delivery service free of charge on all orders above £300.

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