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White Office Furniture is Awesome!

White Office Furniture is Awesome!

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

A1 Office Furniture is a leading UK supplier of white office furniture. Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong. We've sold white desks and white office storage all across the UK (minus Northern Ireland unfortunately) and we've been happy to advertise white office furniture all that time. We think it is a great trend in office furniture, leaving the old-school wooden or wooden-like chipboard for the sake of sparkling clean, bright white. We've been on this market for only about a decade, yet we've been highly recognized. One funny fact is we rank number 1 on this Chinese search engine, which's on the other side of the globe. Anyway, we welcome everyone to look at our range of white office furniture. These days, when every factor is measured and maxed out to provide the best benefits, the science of colour has not been omitted. For example, this study showed a correlation between the lightness of colour and perception of size. Non-scientifically, a belief that white colour makes interiors look larger has been omnipresent for decades. Furnishing your office in white is simply taking advantage of this fact and many more. Let people feel better with a brighter workspace.

Keep it clean

It is much easier to keep good hygiene with white furniture as no dirt can hide on white background. Cleaning white desks is therefore not only easier, but more effective objectively. This and many other reasons make white office furniture a great choice, especially in the light of the recent situation.

It just looks good.

White office furniture looks new and fresh even after many years of use. White is by far the most popular wall colour, so matching your furniture with walls is an obvious choice in many cases. Combining white office furniture with chrome, silver, or even contrasting black can render a stunning, professional impression.

Save the light.

White surfaces are brilliant at reflecting light. That means you will get brighter interiors that are not only pleasant to be in but also create an atmosphere of openness. Also, not many things are actually white, so working on a white desk gives a nice background for work and allows greater focus, which in turn, can increase productivity.

Overall, we are always happy to have a chat about office furniture and we are happy to advise on furnishing offices. Please give us a ring on 0845 450 8095 or 02080926198 if you think you might be interested in white office furniture.

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