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Curved vs Straight – which office desk is best for you?

Curved vs Straight – which office desk is best for you?

What do you need to look at when you buy a new office desk? Most people look at storage capacities; others say that size of the workspace is the most important thing for them. Of course, it is essential to buy a desk that will be comfortable and safe. Some may even claim that the colour and various design elements on the office furniture are the same important as its storage capacity and functionally.
But there is one more factor that can become decisive once you are choosing an office desk. Today we see more and more unconventional solutions in office furniture. And curved office desks are among them.
Let's take a closer look at the concept and understand why curved office desks became so popular today and whether buying one will be the right decision for you.


What desk shape is perfect for you?

When you chose an office desk, there are lots of things to consider. From your office's size to your work's very character, some factors become crucial, helping you narrow down the search. So if you have been wondering about curved office desks lately, here is a list of features that will help you decide whether you will benefit from this unconventional shape.
Straight rectangular desks become pretty basic once it comes to the comfort feature. The only thing you can adjust is its height. Yes, it is essential to keep your back straight while sitting at the office desk, but curved office desks offer some additional comfort features.
With their curved shape, they allow you to sit straight without the need to lean forward to your computer monitor once you have to take a closer look at something. The curved desk shape creates a particular room for your wrist once you use a mouse a lot in your work. It prevents you from carpal tunnel and strain – the most common office trauma.



A traditional rectangular desk may provide you with more space for the work layout. However, there is a strong disadvantage once you work at home or have a small office room. A straight desk often takes all the office space even when not used, becoming a monument in the middle of the room.
A curved office desk helps you save a great deal of room. You are using all the functional space of this table while tucking a chair right into it. This solution is especially relevant once you work from home and have to put a desk in a living room or a bedroom.



Although this aspect is mainly personal, the unconventional design of a curved office desk is often the reason why so many people prefer it today. Unlike standard rectangular desks, curved surface makes the whole office setup look much more dynamic and modern. Those desks' soft curves look more inviting, relaxing and engaging into the conversation once you have visitors at your office.
Round shapes are not just one of the mainstreams of today's office interior design. They have a powerful psychological effect, making the whole workspace look more positive and inviting.
Curved office desks may also have a significant safety feature. Once you work from home and have children, the absence of sharp corners will help you save a great deal of trouble.
However, some people may consider curved desks something that may get out of fashion pretty fast, leaving you with a kitsch outdated piece of furniture in your office. It is true; straight rectangular desks are the evergreen classics that will always stay on the market. However, once furniture design offers unconventional and innovative solutions that may become an answer for your exact issues with a workspace, why not benefit from them?
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