fish-eye lens photo of a London office with white desks and other office furniture

Creating a Sense of Space: The Power of White Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
Introduction In today's fast-paced work environment, optimizing office space is a crucial consideration for businesses of all sizes. A well-designe...
White office furniture in a London IT firm.

Leveraging White Office Furniture in Large, Open-Plan Offices: Aesthetic, Functionality, and Flow

By Sam Knijff
Open-plan offices, with their large, airy spaces and collaborative vibes, are a popular choice among modern businesses. But organizing these spaces...
High street, Fulham, London

Office furniture near Fulham, London

By Sam Knijff
If your office is located near Fulham and you require new office furniture, you are in the right place. A1 Office Furniture can meet all your needs...

White office furniture in Leicester

By Sam Knijff
White office furniture If you need new office furniture for you Leicester office, you should consider the white colour. The reason is light reflect...
Edinburgh, UK

New office furniture in Edinburgh

By Sam Knijff
Office furniture Does you Edinburgh office need some new office furniture? A1 is one of the UK's leading suppliers of new office furniture. We prov...
Centre of Birmingham

New office furniture Birmingham

By Sam Knijff
Do you need to set up an office in Birmingham?  Whether you are near Digbeth, Jewllery Quarten, Gas Street Basin or Aston Triangle, we can help. A1...
Interior of a popular London office with new office furniture

Where do people buy office furniture? Know your options.

By Sam Knijff
Quality office furniture is essential for any business. Whether you and your employees spend the whole day in the office and receive visitors or on...
white office desk

How to improve productivity in the office – the 4 things you haven’t tried yet.

By Sam Knijff
Einstein said that doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the core definition of insanity. But what if we are...
office furniture London

What is the best time to buy office furniture?

By Sam Knijff
Buying new office furniture requires a lot of thinking and planning. After all, you are building a workplace setup that is supposed to motivate and...
female office worker leaning on a desk in a London office

How office furniture can help you stay cool at work without AC.

By Sam Knijff
We have been waiting for hot summer days all winter only to realise what torture it is to be stuck in a dusty office when temperatures rise to 30C....
privacy booths for office meeting spaces

Office Furniture Trends 2022 – colours, designs and pieces essential for a modern office.

By Sam Knijff
For many decades an office was nothing more than a workplace. They were strictly practical, hardly had any distinctive features or allowed office e...
top down view of white office chairs around a white round meeting table

5 Fun Facts about Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
Office furniture is what turns any space into a comfortable work area where ideas thrive and people reveal their best professional qualities helpin...