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Office furniture near Fulham, London

By Sam Knijff
- 11 minutes read

If your office is located near Fulham and you require new office furniture, you are in the right place. A1 Office Furniture can meet all your needs, give you the best deal, deliver your order for free (for all orders above £300) and on time and even install your new furniture if you are looking for a one-click-zero-hassle solution.

The shortest way to have your new office furniture sorted out is to give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700 and our friendly sales team will take it from there.

What kind of office furniture does A1 offer in London?

Office desks

  • Straight desks - All the straight desktop desks, that can be used on their own; standalone desks.white straight office desk London
  • Bench desks - These can be connected into banks, which is a great solution for open plan offices. Banks of bench desks share legs, so they are cheaper than standalone desks, and additionally offer extended legroom. You can build either single row or double row banks graphite bench desks London
  • Curved desks - also known as L-shaped, radial or corner desk. These are the desks with a desktop extended at the right angle to provide more workspace. These desks can be arranged in many different ways, which makes them super-versatile. Curved desks always came in left and right-hand variants.curved desk London
  • Executive desks - If want an extra layer of panache for your office, these desks offer a more stylish, impressive look.executive desk London
  • Height adjustable desks - Take care of your workers well-being. Electrically operated sit-stand desks are a great tool to combat the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.Sit-stand desk London
  • Desks with drawers - These are desks with either fixed drawers or bundled with an office pedestal to increase the storage space, without decreasing the available floorspace.Desk with drawers London

Office chairs

  • Operator chairs - great all-rounder chairs which can be used for any office job. Check the list of available adjustments to find the right chairs for yourself or your chair London
  • Executive chairs are high-quality, ergonomic seating options designed for individuals in leadership or management positions. Executive chairs often have a professional and sophisticated appearance, with features such as high-back design, integrated headrest, and armrests that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. They are built for durability, with a focus on providing an upscale seating experience that promotes productivity and well-being in the workplace.executive office chair London
  • Mesh chairs could match any other category of chairs with just one distinction - they have either both the seat and the backrest or just the latter, made of mesh. Mesh gives full breathability to the supporting surface of the chair, thus keeping the users from overheating their body parts. This, for some users, is very beneficial when it comes to comfort, but from our experience we can say, it is an individual preference and there is just as many people preferring fabric to mesh as the other way around. Mesh keeps you cool and many people say it also looks "cool".mech office chairs London
  • Leather chairs offer a luxurious and sophisticated seating option for professional environments. Combining plush comfort with elegant design, these chairs often feature high-quality leather upholstery, providing both durability and a refined aesthetic.White leather office chair London
  • Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to provide optimal support and comfort, promoting healthy posture and reducing strain during long work hours. These chairs feature various adjustable components, such as seat height, backrest, and armrests, to accommodate individual preferences and ensure a personalized seating experience.ergonomic office chair Fulham
  • 24 hour chairs are engineered to withstand round-the-clock usage in demanding work environments, such as control rooms and call centers. These durable chairs prioritize comfort and ergonomics, offering robust support and adjustable features to accommodate a variety of users across multiple shifts.

    24-hour chairs near Fulham

Office storage furniture

  • Office pedestals are compact and versatile storage solutions, designed to keep essential items organized and within reach in professional workspaces. These mobile units often feature multiple drawers and casters, providing convenient access to files, documents, and office supplies while seamlessly fitting under desks or alongside workstations.metal office pedestal Fulham, London
  • Office cupboards are functional storage solutions that help maintain an organized and clutter-free workspace. These versatile units come in various sizes, styles, and materials, offering ample space for files, documents, and office supplies while complementing the aesthetic of modern professional furniture London
  • Filing cabinets are essential office furniture pieces designed to securely store and organize important documents, files, and paperwork. Available in various sizes, styles, and materials, these cabinets typically feature multiple drawers or compartments with locking mechanisms, providing easy access and protection for sensitive information.Filing cabinets London
  • Office bookcases are practical and stylish storage solutions that help display and organize books, reference materials, and decorative items in professional workspaces. With various sizes, materials, and designs to choose from, these versatile shelves contribute to a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing office bookcase Fulham
  • Executive office storage solutions offer sophisticated and high-quality options for organizing and securing important documents, files, and belongings in leadership or management workspaces. These premium storage units often feature elegant design elements, durable materials, and enhanced functionality, providing a seamless blend of style, organization, and security for high-level professionals.executive storage

Meeting furniture

  • Meeting tables serve as the focal point for collaborative discussions and gatherings in conference rooms and other professional settings. Designed to accommodate various group sizes and layouts, these tables come in a range of styles, materials, and shapes, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for productive meetings and brainstorming sessions.meeting tables London
  • Meeting chairs provide comfortable and stylish seating options for conference rooms, collaborative areas, and other professional settings where group discussions occur. These chairs often feature streamlined designs and essential ergonomic elements to ensure a pleasant seating experience during short to medium-length meetings while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.
    Lonodn meeting chairs

Reception furniture

  • Reception counters are the central hub and welcoming point for visitors in office lobbies, waiting areas, and other professional settings. These counters combine functionality and aesthetics, offering a dedicated space for receptionists to manage appointments and inquiries while projecting a polished and inviting atmosphere that reflects the company's identity.reception counter London
  • Reception seating refers to the comfortable and stylish chairs, sofas, or benches placed in office lobbies, waiting areas, and other entry points to provide visitors with a welcoming space to sit and relax. These seating options come in various designs, materials, and configurations, helping create a professional and inviting atmosphere that reflects the company's image and reception chair London

Office accessories

  • Cable management accessories are essential tools designed to organize and conceal wires, cords, and cables in professional workspaces. These practical solutions, which include cable trays, clips, and sleeves, help maintain a tidy and clutter-free environment while reducing potential tripping hazards and promoting a clean, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office atmosphere.
    cable management cable tray London Fulham
  • Wireless phone chargers provide a convenient and clutter-free solution for charging compatible smartphones and devices in office settings. These chargers utilize inductive charging technology, eliminating the need for cords and offering a sleek, minimalist design that easily integrates into modern workspaces while promoting a more organized and efficient environment.wireless phone chargers near London
  • Monitor arms are ergonomic and space-saving accessories designed to hold and position computer screens in office workstations. These adjustable supports provide flexibility in height, tilt, and orientation, allowing users to achieve optimal viewing angles and reduce eye strain, neck pain, and clutter, while promoting a more efficient and comfortable workspace.monitor arms London
  • Coat stands are practical and stylish office accessories designed to neatly store and display outerwear, hats, and bags in professional environments. These free-standing units often feature multiple hooks or pegs and come in various materials and designs, adding a touch of organization and elegance to entryways, reception areas, and personal workspaces.coat stands London


White Office Furniture

Aside from the above, A1 Office Furniture specializes in white office furniture. Why? Because we believe in making your workplace as inviting, productive and bright as possible. White surfaces are great at reflecting light so your office will appear more spacious and well-lit, contributing to a positive work atmosphere. Furthermore, white office furniture exudes a clean, modern, and professional aesthetic, which can help boost creativity, focus, and overall employee satisfaction. By offering a wide range of white furniture options, A1 Office Furniture ensures that our clients can create a stylish, cohesive, and functional workspace that aligns with their unique needs and preferences.

Take a look at some of our white office furniture:

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