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New office furniture in Edinburgh

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

Office furniture

Does you Edinburgh office need some new office furniture? A1 is one of the UK's leading suppliers of new office furniture. We provide our services nationwide. If your office in New Town, Marchmont, Fountainbridge or Haymarket requires office chairs, desks or storage, we are your man. We will supply, deliver and install your furniture with zero hassle for you.

Office desks

We supply all types, shapes and finishes of office desks. If you are not sure what desks you want, contact us for our office planning service, we happily advise. For open plan offices the most popular solution are pods of bench desks or curved desks. Straight desks can also work for this purpose, however they will have more legs in total than the same amount of workspace made out of bench desks, thus it will cost more. We also offer sit-stand desks for people wanting to combat the sedentary lifestyle. See our whole range of office desks here.

Office chairs

Office chairs come in variety of ranges with variety of features. To choose the right office chair one needs to look at the usage needs. Is the chair going to be used for  hours every day? Is it for meeting purposes, for completing tasks or for something else? Is the chair supposed to impress your visitors or simply be comfortable?
If you need a universal office chair, check out our operator chairs section. For added comfort, see our ergonomic chairs section. We also have a section of chairs rated for 24 hour use. We also have sections for mesh office chairs, leather chairs and executive chairs. Office chairs can come various features such as back & forward tilt, seat slide, adjustable arms, adjustable height, adjustable (or fixed) lumbar support, headrest, and more. Please browse the office chairs collection to see our full offer.


Office storage furniture

Office storage is crucial for smooth operation. We stock office pedestals, cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets. We have them in all available finishes, however we highly recommend white office storage furniture.



White office furniture

 A1 is the UK's leading supplier of white office furniture. There are considerable advantages of white office furniture. White surfaces reflect light, therefore using white office furniture brightens your office and optically makes it seem more spacious. This looks good and improves moods of people working in the office.
Have a look at our white office furniture range.

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