London office furniture

What types of office furniture are there?

By Sam Knijff
 The design and selection of office furniture can have a significant impact on the productivity and comfort of employees. A well-designed office sp...

White office furniture in Leicester

By Sam Knijff
White office furniture If you need new office furniture for you Leicester office, you should consider the white colour. The reason is light reflect...
Edinburgh, UK

New office furniture in Edinburgh

By Sam Knijff
Office furniture Does you Edinburgh office need some new office furniture? A1 is one of the UK's leading suppliers of new office furniture. We prov...
Large blue question mark with four office chairs on white background

How do you choose the right office chair for you and your team?

By Sam Knijff
It is important to choose the right office chairs as having the wrong type can create health problems with the spine. Also combine the right office...
schematic of ergonomic postion white sitting at the office desk on an office chair.

Reviewing DSE for your staff can result in new chairs

By Sam Knijff
An important requirement for any company is reviewing DSE assessment. As a result of this, business may need to change furniture to comply especial...