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Reviewing DSE for your staff can result in new chairs

By Sam Knijff
- 1 minutes read

An important requirement for any company is reviewing DSE assessment. As a result of this, business may need to change furniture to comply especially office chairs. Companies may need to buy new operator chairs or leather office chairs.

Finding the right chair can be confusing. Here at A1 Office Furniture we provide expert advice to help you find the right operator chair for your needs.

It is an important duty for any business owner or director to complete DSE assessment for the health and wellbeing of your employees. One of the most common risks that this assessment can highlight is office chairs and the needs they must fill for each individual employee. New operator chairs may need to be bought because of this.

Every employee has they own individual needs when it comes to their chair in their work places. Requirements can range from back support, suitable arm rests, height adjustment etc. Employees need to be able to feel comfort with the right posture for them. There is such a range of office chairs out the to buy that the right one maybe leather office chairs or even just standard operator chairs that you require.

At A1 Office Furniture we are determined that we can provided the right chair for everyone. We are expertly skilled with the knowledge in all the features that each operator chairs have. We have an extensive range of new leather office chairs and operator chairs to suit everyone’s needs.

So for a complete range of operate chairs and leather office chairs visit our website or call for free advice. We also offer office space planning to provide the best set up for your office. 0845 450 8095


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