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The office furniture that takes care of your health!

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

We all know about the importance of self-care. Going off the grid and detoxing from social media once in a while, taking regular vacations and visiting the gym couple of times a week – all those are the essential and most-popular self-care activities we all know about.

But hardly anyone would associate office life and work hours with self-care. Vice versa, office work is considered particularly toxic and unhealthy due to the traditionally sedentary lifestyle and stressful environment.

In this article, we decided to talk about how the right office furniture can significantly improve your heath and wellbeing and introduce the concept of self-care into your everyday work routine.

Comfort and ergonomics

Office employees often suffer from backpains and headaches. For some reason, we consider those side-effects of office work normal and natural and learned to accept them as inevitable.

However, they can easily develop into serious chronic conditions. Not to mention how fast your productivity and motivation go below zero when you suffer from another migraine or fatigue.

Modern ergonomic office furniture will help you solve and prevent these notorious issues. An adjustable office desk with drawers which are easy to reach and an ergonomic office chair will make sure that your posture does not suffer throughout the day. You have support in all the necessary places and remain safe and comfortable and the workplace.

Light and colours

Colours that surround us influence our mood and wellbeing greatly. Numerous studies prove that certain colours help us relax and reduce stress, while others stimulate and encourage different emotions.

While the office environment is mostly associated with the “practical” brown, black and grey colour palette, modern experts and designers recommend choosing white office furniture for a modern workplace. A small white desk will help you stay focused while making the overall environment in the office more lightweight and airier. A massive white desk with drawers will not look as cumbersome as its brown or black “twin” even if you have a smaller office space.

White office furniture also reflects the natural light preventing you from turning on electricity during the day. Besides saving energy and money, using the most of natural light helps to prevent eye strain and sight impairment – another notorious health problem of office workers. 


There is nothing more stressful and depressing than seeing an office desk buried under a heap of documents, folders and stationery. Not to mention that you cannot be efficient at work when you have to waste time looking for a particular pen or paper.

Getting yourself a new office desk with drawers or under-desk storage solutions will help you take all those papers and folders out of sight, systemise your workplace and make it most comfortable.

Not only you will feel much more relaxed and confident at a well-organised office, but your visitors, colleagues or management will certainly pay tribute to your professionalism and focus at the workplace.

A well-planned space

In many cases, people feel stressed and straitened in their office because of the wrong floor planning. It is often the reason why you may get bruises or bump your feet on table legs when you simply move around the office.

Often unnoticed, poor planning leads to stress and even conflict situations in the office, turning it into a hazardous and toxic environment.

Try to take a free look at your workplace and see how you can improve the setup. Depending on the nature and style of your work, you may need a bigger office desk with drawers or easily settle for a small white desk. Some papers and folders can be placed under desk storage instead of piling up on shelves and desktops.

Whether you spend the whole workday alone in the office, share the workplace with your colleagues or receive visitors, online office furniture markets and profile websites will help you reinvent your workplace, making it safe and comfortable for everyone.

Make it your happy place.

A personal touch to the office setup like several photos, small plants or souvenirs from previous vacations will help to light up your workplace, turning it into a cosy and happy place.

Choosing white office furniture is the best solution in this case. The white colour combines perfectly with any style and palette and will serve as a perfect background for your decorative elements, helping them stand out and creating the most comfortable environment for you.

As you see, there is a place for self-care in the workplace and modern office furniture provides solutions that help you stay healthy and comfortable in the office.

Contact us today, see our wide choice of new furniture pieces for any workplace and enjoy the benefits of thoughtfully engineered and aesthetic items that will turn your office into a safe and happy place, encouraging you to work and reach your goals.

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