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5 Things to remember, buying New Office Furniture - A1 Guide

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read
The office environment has become one of the most notorious topics and the object of endless memes and jokes. We imagine offices as dusty, gloomy places where all our dreams and aspirations come to die in the endless routine of business e-mails, calls, schedules and deadlines.

But today, the whole idea of a workplace atmosphere and office culture is going through major changes. The idea that "how" you work mainly depends on "where" you do it has found proof in numerous studies and research worldwide. 

A modern office is a place that encourages and inspires you to work, and the new office furniture plays an important role in this concept.

Thoughtfully engineered and aesthetic, a small white desk, an ergonomic office chair, or an under-desk storage unit may change how you feel in the office, turning the workspace into a comfortable and safe environment.

Do you want to get the most out of modern office furniture solutions without the risk of getting lost in the enormous online market of office furniture? Continue reading, and you will learn about the 5 essential things to consider choosing new office furniture.

Start with a list

Just like with any shopping, making a list of office furniture you need will prevent you from impulsive purchases and erratic choice of items.

Planning your office furniture set up, focus on your everyday routine and the essential equipment you need for work. For example, an architect or web designer may need an office desk with drawers and a larger desktop to be able to place several monitors and keep all the necessary documents and tools at arm's length.

A lawyer or an accountant will benefit from an under desk storage unit with locks, where they can keep all the most sensitive documents and clients' data. 

Spending most of your day "on the go," you may only need a small white desk for the occasional office hours. But if you have the standard nine-to-five job, make sure to buy a quality ergonomic chair to prevent you from backaches, muscle strain and other notorious consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

In other words, there is no universal list of office furniture essentials. You need to create your own, considering your needs and expectations from a comfortable workspace.

Plan the space

Once you have determined which office furniture is essential for you, take a look at your available workspace and think about how you can get the most out of it. 

Suppose you have a small office. In this case, a white desk with drawers will help you expand the space visually and have enough storage for all the documents and equipment. Under-desk storage is another perfect solution in this case.

The location and size of windows are also important. For example, white office furniture will help you get the most out of daylight and save a lot on energy bills.

Choose the furniture that will work for you.

A modern office desk with drawers is more than just another furniture piece. It should be your ally, business partner and assistant who will help you reach your goals faster.

Whether you shop for office furniture online or choose the dealer of office furniture near your place, look for modern materials, bright colours, ergonomic designs and unconventional storage solutions. 

The design of your new office furniture is as important as its functionality. Choose the one that will inspire and make your work life easier and more comfortable.

Details matter!

Finding a perfect office desk is great, but it will be no use if, soon enough, this desk will be buried under piles of documents and folders. The modern workspace is all about functional details and innovative solutions.

When you see the desk at an online store or dealer's inventory, imagine how well it will fit your work style, whether it has enough desktop space and storage drawers to help you keep the workplace functional and organized. Make sure to consider separate storage units, drawers and shelves. All the small details that may not seem that essential when you make your office furniture shopping list may turn out to be game-changers when it comes to the actual work process.

Working with style

Now that you have determined the essentials, planned storage units and equipment placement, it is time to think about the overall aesthetics of your workspace. Are you a fan of minimalistic interiors or want to introduce some décor elements to make the setup vibrant and lively?

In fact, no matter what your preferences may be, white office furniture can help you bring any concept to life. White office desks with drawers are great for minimalistic Scandinavian or hi-tech designs themselves. At the same time, they will be a perfect background for any decorative 

elements, dominant colours and interior centerpieces. 

Whether you spend the whole day in your office alone or receive visitors, your modern workplace should reflect your personality. That is how an office becomes a place where you want to work and develop.

Bonus tip!

Last but not least, Googling "office furniture near me" next time, make sure that you choose a reputable dealer. That way, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality modern furniture made out of durable and safe, non-toxic materials, excellent customer service and support that will help you make an informed decision and get the most out of your new office setup!

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