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How to improve productivity in the office – the 4 things you haven’t tried yet.

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

Einstein said that doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the core definition of insanity. But what if we are talking about an office environment, where your ”nine-to-five” life is strictly determined by the daily routine, schedules and plans? You want to stand out, achieve more and get noticed, but you don`t really have much to work with as you have to follow the daily routine over and over again.

You might have tried to attend some motivation forums, read special literature or even stayed extra hours and took some work home, but the result is always the same – you seem trapped in a hamster wheel, running for the sake of running instead of reaching some goals.

However, recent studies show that there are ways to significantly improve your motivation and productivity at the workplace without wearing yourself down with extra work hours and unrealistic deadlines. And your office setup plays an important role in it!

Research held at the University of Exeter in 2010 proved that people who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are at least 32% more productive and have bigger chances to stand out and move up the ladder.

In this article, we shall talk about the 4 things you need to try in your office to improve your and your colleagues` productivity and get rid of the “hamster wheel” routine.

Choose the right furniture.

The modern office furniture market offers innovative solutions, designs and thoughtfully engineered units that will instantly turn any workplace into a comfortable and safe space.

Are you sure that your office desk suits you? Do you have enough desktop space and all the necessary documents and equipment at arm`s length, or do you have to waste time and energy every day collecting the necessary tools and struggling to take control of the workplace?

Just one thoughtfully designed office desk with drawers may become a game-changer for your comfort and productivity at work. The proper colours, shapes and designs will help you waste less time and energy on maintenance and coordination and may simply turn an office into a neat and pleasant place to spend 8 hours every day.

Ill-fitting, outdated office furniture is probably the reason why you don`t manage to finish the work on time or cannot find a specific document or tool in the office.

Personal approach to office setup

We are used to thinking of office furniture as something entirely practical and universal. However, we are all different, and so are our bodies, characters and working styles. Hardly can you be efficient and productive at work if you have to slouch behind a too low office desk or cannot reach all the shelves at the paper storage unit.

Adjustable ergonomic office furniture is another key to your success at the workplace. Look for a height-adjustable desk with drawers which can be moved and re-configured according to your needs. Try under desk storage solutions if you are not tall enough to reach all the shelves safely. Replace your old office chair with an ergonomic model that provides support in all the necessary places.

Except for the obvious comfort, adjustable office furniture provides endless health benefits, allows you to take fewer sick days and establish yourself as a motivated and dedicated employee.

Think of the colours

It is widely known that colours have the ability to influence our mood, encourage, stimulate or distract us. The principles of colour therapy are widely used in multiple fields, from psychotherapy to marketing.

Why not use this powerful concept to boost your workplace productivity? We are used to seeing mostly brown, black and grey colours in offices. They are integral to that depressing routine everyone hates so much about work.

Modern office furniture provides a wide range of colours to help you create a workplace that will reflect your personality and help you stay motivated and efficient at work. White office furniture might be the best solution. White colour is the one that helps you focus and concentrate, leaving all the distractions aside. A white office desk with drawers won`t look cumbersome in the office and is easy to customize and decorate according to your needs and taste.

Invite nature into the office

A modern office does not have to be a dusty cold place located somewhere in the industrial area or city outskirts. Today`s office culture is much more environmentally aware and acknowledges the benefits of introducing nature into the workplace.

Recent research from Cornell University proved that people who work in mostly natural lighting are 84% more productive and efficient. It reduces the risk of eye strain, headaches and migraines. Not to mention that using mostly natural light at the office will help to significantly cut the electricity bills.

By choosing white office furniture, you will manage to get the most out of natural lighting at your workplace, as white colour reflects light.

Placing some plants in your office is another way to liven up the mood and boost your motivation and productivity. For example, your white desk with drawers will look even cosier and inviting with several small succulents on the shelves.

Your office furniture plays a greater role in your productivity and motivation at the workspace than your think. So, instead of trying to fight the routine or giving up on your dreams and aspirations, take a fresh look at your setup, change your desk for an adjustable white piece, get an ergonomic chair and a convenient storage unit, and you will instantly notice how your attitude, motivation and therefore efficiency change helping your reach for the stars.

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