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Five Tips to Choosing White Office Furniture

Five Tips to Choosing White Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
- 8 minutes read

Current workplace trends are suggesting that white office furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It projects a cool and calming environment that makes good use of the light and greets visitors with a certain level of professionalism. All of these highlights have inspired many businesses to take the plunge and kit their offices with white desks, storage units as well as modular office furniture choices too. 

When furnishing a new or refurbished office it’s important to consider style functionality and comfort. The level of choice in office furniture now is huge, with all sorts of chairs, desks and storage units available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colours and price ranges so it’s important to do your research to determine exactly what your requirements are.


With research and planning in mind, many businesses have found themselves stuck on what office furniture is right for them. That’s why we’ve come up with our five top tips to choosing white office furniture:


  • Pricing and Value for Money – Like most things, you get what you pay for. When looking for quality furniture, you are not necessarily looking for the cheapest price but the best value for money. Paying the cheapest price, may result in furniture that you have to replace far sooner than you wanted to or furniture that is so uncomfortable that your employees find any reason not to use it! Identifying how much furniture you need and the budget that you have in mind, will give you a good idea of the styles and quality that will be in your price range.


  • Size – Considering the size of your office before you purchase any furniture is a smart idea. You need to optimise for the space around you, particularly if the space you’re working with is quite small. Purchasing furniture without considering the size may result in an overly cramped office that is unpleasant to work in. There are compact furniture options available that are ideal for these situations. Other things that you may want to consider are the location of the windows, to make use of any natural light and where the electrical outlets are located.


  • Storage – Identifying how much storage your office requires, may influence your decision as to the type of furniture that you eventually purchase. Organising your office correctly makes for an easier working environment and drives productivity so consider all storage options such as filing cabinets, drawers, cupboards and shelves to ascertain what will be best for the company.


  • Comfort and Ergonomics – The ergonomics of furniture are related to the adjustments a user can make to ensure their comfort during prolonged periods of working. The level of comfort and adjustability of your office furniture should be paramount when deciding what to purchase. Studies have proven that various injuries are sustained from the lack of adjustments that office furniture has offered which can lead to a lot more employees having to take sick leave from work. An employer that is willing to take employee’s comfort into consideration will motivate their workers to work hard for them.


  • Aesthetics and Brand Identity – Walking into an office that is furbished to a high standard makes a great first impression to guests and clients. The colour white creates a calming environment which could influence you and your employees and improve productivity.



The Advantages of White Office Furniture


Now that you know what to consider when buying your office furniture, let us take you through the benefits of choosing white!


  • Easy to Clean – White furniture is going to make it very easy to spot dirty marks and smears. Whilst this can be taken as a disadvantage on the bright side it could inspire users to keep it much cleaner and tidier. Nobody likes looking at a mess, least of all visitors and prospective clients. Businesses want to make a good first impression and there isn’t a better first impression than stepping into a clean and tidy office. Another plus to more frequent cleaning is the level of hygiene increase makes it less likely for germs and bacteria to be passed around the office potentially increasing your sickness rate within your team.


  • White Furniture Reflects the Light – Light coloured furniture reflects the light from above making the room appear much brighter. Working in a dark, dingy office all day could dampen the spirits of your employees. People feel much more enthusiastic and upbeat when they are in contact with natural light. Adding white furniture could decrease those dreary days and welcome much more happy productive days!


  • Modern and Stylish – Walking into a modern and stylish office can also set a great first impression to visitors and clients. It can really help boost the overall image of your business. Employees working in a space that they feel good about being in makes them feel inspired to maintain that work space and to work hard. Not only is it great for the employees but for the company too. A productive workforce means more money for the business


  • Versatility – White pretty much matches with any colour you choose so if you fancied changing your office by repainting you wouldn’t necessarily have to change the furniture as well making refurbishment options a lot more cost effective. For instance, if you choose to buy a white reception desk, you can choose to paint your walls a light colour, dark colour or any kind of wallpaper you like. The choices are endless!


  • Promotes a Calming Environment – There is a lot of evidence to suggest that certain colours can affect your mood. For example, blues and greens are known to be calming and stress relieving whilst fire can bring out passion in you! White is an ethereal colour and is good for reflecting light which makes it calming, setting a tone that will enable your employees to remain stress free and be able to focus much easier on their work.


Even if you wanted to mix white walls with a darker coloured accent you can still promote that calming atmosphere by having the furniture in white too.

  • Flexibility and Easy to Find – As mentioned earlier not only is white furniture easily matched to different colours and styles, with its increase in popularity it is becoming much more easily sourced in many finishes and price ranges which makes it a cost-effective option when furnishing your office.

A lot of people are choosing to base themselves in a home office nowadays and its worth mentioning that white office furniture makes a great addition to the home as well! As it is so versatile and easy to maintain it would fit into many home décor designs without having to change anything around. 

If you are looking for quality white office furniture options contact the team at A1 the leading suppliers of white office furniture in the UK.


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