Height Adjustable Desks Are Good For Productivity?

By Sam Kjniff
white height adjustable desk

We have all known for a long time it is not right to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Doing so can cause an unproductive working environment. Create a productive and positive environment is something that all employers and manager strive to achieve as the more productive the team the better the business.

A sitting and standing desk can provide a variety throughout the day allowing team members to change their position easily throughout the day. Height adjustable desks can be the solution to this problem and are being seen as the answer to the above problem.

Height adjustable desks can be electric or manual and are very reasonable in price. It can take some additional set up as the equipment on the desks may need longer wires and quality cable management to ensure that no stretching or breakage happens when the desks position changes. Once this has been taken into account they are a great answer to increase comfort and productivity in the workplace.

How do height adjustable desks work?

Electric height adjustable desks have a small motor on the underside of the worktop that is mains powered. This motor is controlled by two buttons for moving the desks up and down. When the buttons are pressed the motor powers the hydraulic within the legs of the desk moving the position to the desired height.

The desks are available in a range of finishes to match your existing office furniture. We can offer installation and delivery at A1 to ensure that your new Height Adjustable Desk is installed correctly.

After a recent DSE assessment in our own office, we have implemented one of these desks for a member of staff and she is thoroughly enjoying her new workstation. Some office will decide that every desk should be height adjustable and others will order these desks on a case by case scenario. This is why it is so important that our range of height adjustable desk come in a selection of finishes to ensure that we can easily match the new height adjustable desk to the rest of your office. Below you will be able to see a color chart of the different finishes we can offer this desk in. You can select different color legs and tops so the whole unit is customizable to your existing design.

 Different suppliers of office furniture all have slightly different shades of finishes. We always recommend calling the team A1 Office Furniture with images of your existing office furniture so we can match your new height adjustable office desks.  You can contact us directly on 0845 450 8095 or order your new height adjustable desk online.

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