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Different Desk Types Explained

Looking around our site you can see that we stock a range of different deks types, why is this? There are different desk types as over the years office furniture designers have adapted them for different purposes and environments. With most design work the reason for variation can be impacted for many reasons.

In this post, we will look at the different desk types available in our white office furniture range.

Wave Desk - 

A wave desk is shaped exactly as it sounds with one side being deeper than the other. You can get wave desks in left and right-handed options. We stock wave desk with two leg types this includes cantilever leg & panel end. These desks tend to be used in the larger office as the wave is normally taking up more space than the other options in the new office desk range.

waves tend to come in a range of three sizes being

  • 1200mm W
  • 1400mm W
  • 1600mm W

You can view a full range of wave desks by clicking here

Straight Desk - 

This desk has a rectangle top and comes in a range of colors and finishes taking up less room then the wave desk it is great for trying to create more space in your office. Straight desks in our range can be supplied with under desk storage in the form of matching pedestals.

You can view the full range of straight desks by clicking here.




Height Adjustable Desks - 

The latest trend in office furniture that we have recently covered on an in-depth blog post. Height adjustable desks are perfect for contemporary offices at the forefront of modern office furniture. These desks are also perfect for employees who struggle with sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day after a recent DSE assessment.

To view all the options available click here.



Executive Office Desks-  

The executive range of office desks are normally larger in size and are the high-end desks we stock. Executive desks tend to be higher spec. All the executive desks we stock have ranges of matching meeting room and storage furniture available.


To view the full range of executive office desks click here.



Bench Desks - 

Bench Desks are the best selling desk we stock. The reason for this is their compact design while still providing great working space. Bench desks are available in different colors and finishes, we have also put together a range of bundles that include office screens and pedestals that you can see here.





If you need help planning the best desk to have in your office do not hesitate to contact the team directly on 0845  521 9070. You can also purchase all our desks online view the full range of office desks we have available here.

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