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How to keep white office desks sprakling clean?

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

To make the best impression with your office, the number one advice is to keep it perfectly clean. Nothing looks dignified when it is soiled and dirty. In this quick post we will explain how to get stains off of your white melamine faced chipboard (MFC) furtniture.

How to keep your white desk clean?

Whenever there is a spill on your white desk it is always best to wipe it as soon as possible. Wiping liquids off of MFC surfaces is much easier than cleaning stains, so to save yourself work - wipe quick.


If you could not get the substance off the desk in time however, there are some ways that can help you get rid of staining.

First off, go easy, use soapy water. Many marks can be dissovled with just that. Put some soap into a bowl, add warm water and stir, until all the soap is dissolved. If this cleans your white desk completely, that is perfect, dry the surface with a dry cloth or kitchen towel and enjoy the rest of your day.

White spirit

If this is not enought however and your white desk still shows dirty spots it time for white spirit. Many stubborn stains will come off when wiped with a cloth dipped in white spirit. Use circular motion and check the dirt on your cloth often. This also works with denaturated alcohol. When the desk or pedestal are very dirty, it is often a necessary step to bringing their shine back.

It is important to remember about safety rules when working with white spirit or denaturated alcohol. These substances should not be consumed, should not come into contact with humon body and there should be no sparks or open flame where you work with thos substances - as they are flammable.

Abrasive cream

If you have already done your best with spirits, yet, your white desk is still grubby, an abrasive cream, like CIF will help. Be warned however, using abrasives will take away any gloss your white desk has. It should make no difference on matte surfaces, however it is crucial to test the cream in an invisible spot before taking on the desktop.

Again, use circular motions to clean your desk with small amount of abrasive cream. Once done, wipe the surface with soapy water, to remove remaining abrasive cream. Later dry the surface.


If all these methods fail, perhaps it is time for a new desk afterall?

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