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Space saving tricks for London offices

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

Space, as everyone knows in not just finite, in many cases it is scarce or even very limited. In this article we will discuss how London businesses can minimize the impact of space limitations on their operations. While we can't stretch your office, we have knowledge of office furniture which will help you manage your space most efficiently.

Your desk

Desks are a necessary piece of furniture in any office. There is no going around that. The more workspace the desk offers, the more space it eats up. What if we could reclaim some of the space?

While the desktop is used in full (if it is not, you should consider a smaller desk), the space under the desk is rarely efficiently utilised. Obviously you need legroom, however, there is always ample space left under any desk. This space can be perfectly used for storage. Office pedestals come in under-desk variation, which make them a perfect space saving item. Such pedestals are usually mobile, so they can be easily moved to each side or even rolled out from the desk completely!

Another way to save space with a desk is by using a folding operator chair.

folding chair under a desk in London home office

Such chair can be folded down after use and stored under the desk. This is a particularly good for tight offices, where there is not much room for passage. It is also a great solution for home offices.

A similar trick can be done with a height adjustable desk and any office chair. When you raise the desktop to its max height and set the chair seat to it's lowest, you should be able to roll the chair under the desk, space saved!

If your desk is taking too much space, perhaps a space saving desk can be beneficial? These desks come in standard widths, but the are only 600mm deep, instead of standard 800m. Due to decreased workspace it is advised to use monitor arms for your screens on space saving desks.

Are you interested in more information about office furniture? Our comprehensive guide is a great place to start.

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Operator Chairs

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Desks with drawers

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Height Adjustable Desks

White right hand cantilever corner office desk

Curved Desks

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