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New office furniture in London
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New office furniture in London

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

Are you looking for office furniture to furnish your location in London?

Whether your offices are located in the City of London, Finsbury, Covent Garden it is no problem to us. We can deliver any amount of office furniture anywhere in Greater London at a very low cost. In fact we offer free delivery on all orders above £300.

 Office Chairs

These days office chairs often have more than one role. If you want to provide your employees with comfort and good wellbeing, look at our ergonomic chairs section. When you want to encourage your employees to come back to to the office, getting them a comfortable chair is a must. Other important factor when choosing office chairs is the impression they make. Make a statement with our range of executive chairs.

Office Desks in London

Whatever style of office arrangements you are looking for, we can supply the correct desk. We sell bench desks, curved desks, panel-end leg desks and height adjustable desks at great prices. Our desks can come with or without cable management, we can also supply high quality monitor arms and wireless charging solutions. We stock all sizes and finishes of desks to match the requirements of your London office.

White Office Furniture

A1 is the UK's leading supplier of white office furniture. We specialise in this colour as it comes with many benefits, other colours simply lack. One of the main uniquie features of white office furniture is light distribution. Everything reflects light, but the brighter the colour the more light is reflected. The same room will look entirely different with the same furniture, when it's white vs non-white. It's that simple. Your office can be brighter and less distracting just by changing your furniture colour to white. We can deliver whole sets of white office chairs, desks and storage to your office anywhere in Greater London.

Office Storage

How can an office be kept in order without proper storage for all the paperwork? Buy your filing cabinets, cupboards, bookshelves and pedestals from A1 Office Furniture. We stock wide ranges of office storage for all your needs. Simply browse our office storage section or give us a ring for free on and we will sort you out.

Reception of your London office

How much is the first impression worth? For your clients and business partners the first impression will be your reception. Make a statement without breaking the bank. Take a look at our selection of reception furniture.

Delivery and Installation

Would you like your new furniture to be delivered an installed ready for use? Just give us a ring, we will ask you about your office details such as parking, floors and lifts, and we will give you a quote on a full service. From there it will be just one click and your London office will have new furnishings. We offer the best deal on the market, just try us - freephone 0800 6525 700.

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