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White office furniture in Glasgow

White office furniture in Glasgow

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

Do you need new office furniture for your office in Glasgow? A1 is here to help. We are the UK's leading supplier of office desks, chairs and storage. We offer a wide range of white office furniture.

White office furniture in Glasgow

White office furniture has been a growing trend among businesses, especially since the pandemic, when more emphasis was given to hygiene. It is easier to keep your office sparkling clean and to have the cool, professional vibe when furnished in white. There are also other benefits, which we will discuss further.

A1 Office Furniture offers nationwide delivery of all office furniture and office accessories. We can deliver anywhere in Glasgow, whether it's Govan, Laurieston, Merchant City, Kelvinhaugh or anywhere else. Actually we offer free delivery on all order over £300.


White office desks

An office desk is, beside a chair, the most important piece of office furniture. It also takes the most space in an office environment. This is why it is wise to take under consideration the impact it's colour makes. We think white is the best choice when it comes to the colour of office furniture. There is a number of reasons for it, but by far, the most important one is light. White surfaces are better than any other colour at reflecting light. That means you will make the most out natural and artificial lighting by using white office furniture. Your office will be brighter, which in turn will improve moods. Another benefit of good light reflection is it makes rooms optically larger. Of course your office will not grow, but it will seem more spacious, which also has a positive effect on people. See our selection of white desks.

White office chairs

Unlike with desks and storage, this is simply a matter of taste. We have a range of white office chairs and if your looking for a cold, professional look for your office, they might just compliment other white furnishings you might have. Not all chairs are available in white, so if you are looking to maximise ergonomics in your office, you might need to make some compromises. You can browse through our ergonomic chairs section to see what's available.

White office storage

Office storage is alongside desks, another category of furniture that can have effect on the brightness of an office. Flat surfaces receive and reflect light, but it's the white surfaces that do it best. Browse our white office storage category to see what we can offer.



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