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New office furniture in Liverpool

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

Do you need new office furniture for your office in Liverpool? You could not have landed better! A1 is a UK's leading supplier of all office furniture. We can deliver and install all kinds of office desks, chairs, storage, reception or meeting furniture.

Office Desks

An office desk is necessary for any office worsktation. It also holds value. A good office desk can be resold, while 

We supply bench desks in banks or singles, cantilever desks, panel end desks, height-adjustable desks. All sizes, all colours. Simply visit our office desks section to see our offer of give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700


Office Chairs

We offer a wide range of office chairs. We stock all types of chairs, standard operator chairs, executive chairs, leather chairs, ergonomic chairs. We also offer white office chairs, which are a part of our white office furniture range.
Despite the recent surge in  popularity of sit-and-stand desks, there is no office work without an office chair. Chair ergonomics have been a subject of research for over a hundred years now. What we offer you is a result of that research.


Office Storage

Office storage is a must for good housekeeping in an office. Browse our storage furniture section for pedestals, bookcases, cupboards and filing cabinets.There is a choice in build materials as well as sizes, features and colour finishes.


White Office Furniture

 A1 stocks large amounts of white office furniture. We believe white is a great colour when it comes to professional workspaces. White is much easier to keep clean, and makes the space brighter. Some people consider this a feature, some hate it, but white furniture "likes" tidiness. Clutter is much more visible on a white surface than on any other colour. You can hate it or love it, but if you want to buy white office furniture or simply have a look at what's there to choose from, feel free to browse our range.

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