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New Office furniture in Bristol

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

 Office furniture In Bristol

Do you need new office furniture? Are you rearranging your current office or setting up a new one? In either case we can help. Just hop on to office furniture section of our website of give us a ring on 0800 6525 700. We offer nationwide delivery and installation service or free curbside delivery on all orders above £300.

Whether your office is in Bristol City Centre, Redcliffe, Kingsdown, Easton or anywhere else, we can supply and install.

New office chairs in Bristol

An office chair is the most basic tool of any office worker. Buying new office chairs might seem daunting at first, but it's actually really easy. It's simply a matter of knowing what is the role of the chair and the person sitting on it. If you need a general chair for everyday work, look at our collection of operator chairs. If you are looking for seating in your meeting room, please go to our meeting chairs collection. For your executive offices, we have a range of chairs with a little bit of extra panache, please see our executive chairs section. Also for any part of your office, you might be interested in more comfortable chairs.

Office desks in Bristol

An office desk is crucial or any office operation. We stock large amounts of desks of all shapes, types, sizes and colours. We have bench desks, which are best for creating open plan offices. We have curved desks for increased worktop stations. we have bandles of desks with drawers. We have wave desks, for giving your office that dynamic feel. We also have a stock of height-adjustable desks, for your employees improved working conditions.

Office storage furniture

Whatever office storage you might need for your Bristol office, we've got it. We have a wide selection of desk pedestals, both under desk and desk height. We stock a selection of office cupboards for all your storage needs. We can supply filing cabinets for your documents and also bookcases.



White office furniture Bristol

Of all office furniture colour finishes A1 Office Furniture specialises in white. White office furniture, seems to be just another colour option, but in fact it is much more than that. White surfaces reflect light very well and this has major implications when it comes to a workplace. Brighter furniture makes the interior brighter and appear more spacious. Both of those factors benefit moods in the office. We know this for a fact an that's why we ave prepared a whole section with white office furniture only.


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