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New Office Furniture in Manchester

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

New Office Furniture

If your office is located anywhere in Greater Manchester and you are in need of new office furniture, you are on the right website. If you want to quickly get to peek around our stock, the best way is to go to our new office furniture collection.
If you don't have time to browse through our selection however, you can simply give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700 or read on.

Office desks in Manchester

There is quite a selection of office desks on the market. Each type has it's best use. For open plan office, the best option might be banks of bench desks, which let you create large islands of workspace. These usually work best with desk dividers. Curved desks are fantastic at filling up corners of your office. You can also create pods of 2 or 4 out of curved desks. Do you need extra legroom? Look for cantilever desks. Are you tired of sitting the whole day? Maybe a sit-stand desk is the way to go.

Office chairs in Manchester

Office chairs come in many shapes depending on their intended use. You will find meeting chairs are much simpler than operator chairs, as they are not meant to be used for extended periods of time. Leather chairs favor style over usability features, however they often utilize classic designs, often created by famous furniture makers. For the extra layer of comfort, we recommend ergonomic chairs or for prolonged use, 24 hour chairs. In any case, we can deliver your chairs for free, if your order is above £300+VAT.

Office storage in Manchester

Office storage is an essential part of office furniture. You can't run a business without space for all the documents, stationery, computer accessories and other stuff. When it comes to office storage, we can supply you with a full set at likely the best price on the UK's office furniture market. We stock pedestals, bookcases, cupboards and filing cabinets. We offer Delivery & Installation service nationwide. Give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700 and we will give you a quote tailored to your requirements.

White office furniture

 White is quite a special colour when it comes to office furniture. Office desks and storage consist mostly of large flat surfaces. When these surfaces are white, light distribution improves greatly. This is why white office furniture is so popular, as it brightens interiors and makes them seem more spacious. A1 specialises in distribution of white office furniture.


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