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White office furniture in Sheffield
Photo by Harrison Qi on Unsplash

White office furniture in Sheffield

By Sam Knijff
- 2 minutes read

Whatever your taste and colour preferences are, when it comes to office furniture, white is the colour that we would call most valuable. Why? There is a number of reasons, but they all have to do with light. Out of all colours, white reflects light best. In an office environment, where there are large flat surfaces such as desks or sides of office storage, this light reflecting property brightens up the whole room. Brighter rooms seem more spacious. This in turn lifts up overall office moods which makes everyday work more pleasant. If you too want that benefit for your Sheffield office, please take a look at our white office furniture collection.

White office desks

When it comes to white office furniture setups, desks are the most important component. They constitute largest surface area and reflect more light. When you decide on buying white desks, you should be aware they "like" tidiness. Any mess is much more visible on a white surface, so unless your office housekeeping is on a high level, perhaps white office furniture is not the best choice for you. White desks, just as any other colour come in all shapes and sizes. We have white bench desks, white curved desks, white cantilever desks, white panel end desks and white height-adjustable desk.


White office storage

While the main part is usually played by desks, storage furniture can also play an important role in brightening up your office. Also, if you are not interested in creating contrast, white storage will match white desks. Have a look at our range to see if you fancy this colour variant.


White office chairs

If you want to go all white, you can also choose white office chairs. We have a range specifically prepared as a cherry on a cake of an all-white office.

Whether your office is located in Sheffield City Centre, near Castlegate or more Broomhall way, we can deliver and install brand new white (or any other colour) office furniture. Simply place an order on our website or give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700 and we will take care of this for you.

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