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white office bench desks with perspex partition screens

Office Screens and Desk Partitions: A Buyer’s Guide

By Sam Knijff
- 1 minutes read

There are great advantages to have office screens and other bench desk accessories to help make partitions on your office desks. There are also different ways in partitioning your office desks with office screens.

Why are office screens beneficial to the office environment? Not only can you use office screens to partition desks but other screens and bench desk accessories to divide the office space.

There are many different types of office screens all for different style of desks or floor screens to help partition the office. These office screens can be made to order for any size or colour you wish.

There are other screens like floor screens that can divide the office and then be moved to whenever you want. Also with bench desk accessories you can cater you bench desks for the individual user.

Here at A1 Office Furniture we have a wide range of office screens to fit all styles of office desks. As well as that we also have other bench desk accessories to help with partitioning your office desks. This are all in stock and with our expert advertisers on hand we can help with all your purchasing needs. We also provide a space planning service to help with your office design.

So for a complete range of office screens and bench desk accessories, visit the website or call for free advice. We also offer office space planning to provide the best set up for your office. 0845 450 8095

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