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beech cantilver curved office desks with red separating panels

Pros and cons of white curved office desks

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

The modern office furniture market offers a wide range of innovative models and variations of habitual office setup. White curved office desks are among them.

No doubt, it is a spectacular interior design element that will make an accent in your office, draw attention and create the overall atmosphere of an innovative modern workspace. Moreover, designers who specialise in office interior and even healthcare experts claim that curved office desks, especially the white ones, have numerous practical benefits that make a great impact on the overall efficiency of the company`s team.

However, we all know that trends come and go in the furniture industry almost as fast as they do in fashion. But if you can easily get rid of an outdated sweater, office furniture is a long-term investment and a significant part of the company`s asset, which is not that easy to write off and update as soon as the wind of change blows.

In this article, we shall go through all the most relevant pros and cons of getting a white curved office desk so you can make an informed decision, enjoy all benefits of your office setups and avoid possible pitfalls.

Why you should get a white curved office desk as soon as possible!

In this section, we have collected opinions from designers, office setup and equipment experts, business owners and office employees.

Here are the main advantages of getting white curved office desks that they have mentioned:


Indeed, hardly is there a more stylish and appealing piece of office furniture as a white curved office desk. It instantly creates that airy futuristic atmosphere in the office, literally eliminates sharp corners, and just looks modern and fresh, creating the proper attitude among employees and visitors.


Curved office desks allow you to utilise the available space most efficiently. A curved desk instantly provides a larger workspace at the desk and allows you even use the furthest corners, which are mainly neglected and inaccessible with classic rectangular desks. Moreover, the curved shape allows you to tuck the office chair in when you stand up and get more free space around your desk.

As for white curved office desks, they expand the space even more due to the ability of the white colour to reflect light.

Customisation options

Curved office desks are specially designed and customised for left and right-handed people. It makes the most comfortable, safe and healthy variations of office desks as they provide the necessary wrist support for the working hand and help people avoid strain, shoulder and back pains.

At the same time, if you choose a white curved office desk, you get some advanced customisation options. White colour looks great with any style and interior. Such desk can also be adjusted with additional decorative or functional elements, which will undoubtfully look great with a white background.


Officed equipped with white curved office desks are much safer from multiple perspectives:

  • Sanitary safety – white office furniture will encourage you to keep the place clean simply because stains and marks are much more visible on them than on dark surfaces. It will inevitably lead to a better sanitary situation in your office which is particularly important today;
  • Less sharp angles – curved office desks have less sharp angles, and therefore, such a shape minimises the risk of trauma and bruising when people move around the office.

Overall, a white curved office desk seems like a great solution for any office. It helps to save and optimise the space, enhances the overall atmosphere and interior design and encourages you to keep the area clean and safe.

However, there are certain things you may want to consider before buying a white curved office desk.

Reasons not to get a white curved office desk

Here are some objective reasons to avoid white curved desks:

  • Awkward design – sometimes such desks appear pretty massive and may look awkwardly in your overall office setup once you don`t choose them properly. However, curved office desks come in different variations and with some extra effort and research time, you can easily find a model that fits your office perfectly;
  • Space difficulties – although curved office desks are known as furniture aimed to save space, they can otherwise make it hard to maneuver in the office once you choose or place them incorrectly. It is always better to address professional advice to enjoy all ergonomic benefits of your white curved office desk;
  • Impractical – while most business owners claim that it is a great advantage that white curved office desks encourage employees to keep their workplaces cleaner, white colour may indeed be impractical for certain businesses. If the work process itself foresees the use of paint or other staining and hard-to-clean substances or the desk will be placed in the area where it is vulnerable to excessive dirt or duct from the street, white colour may not be the best option.

A white curved office desk can be a smart investment for your office that will make its work safer and more efficient. However, you should be careful choosing the desk, consider its numerous variations and address a professional who will help you make the right decision.  

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