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modern office interior with white bench desks red operator chairs and red separation panels

4 ways to style your white office desk

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

It looks like the days of dull and grey office furniture are far behind. White office desks are becoming more and more popular today.

Indeed this solution has numerous benefits:

  • White colour creates the mood, making space airier;
  • White office furniture encourages to keep your workplace clean and sanitary safe;
  • White colour is compatible. It goes great with any style and interior design.

The recent statistics show that businesses that allow their employees to customise and personalise their workplaces receive higher involvement, enthusiasm and efficiency from the staff in return. This tendency had become most evident in the recent months when people started returning to work from their home offices. The demand for cosy, personalised, and emotionally safe work areas has risen dramatically.

Due to their versatile character, white office desks are a perfect foundation for a modern, personalised and welcoming workplace.

In this article, we shall go through 4 smart ways to style your white office desk for a safe and inspiring workplace.


Start with the desk

Of course, the office desk itself will be the centrepiece, the main functional and aesthetic object of your workplace design. That is why it is so essential to get the right one.

For example, white curved office desks are ergonomic, help you save a lot of space in the office and adequately utilise the available area. They are designed especially for right or left-handed people, provide additional support to your wrist and therefore help avoid numerous health problems associated with office work.

At the same time, rectangular white office desks are a classic solution. You simply cannot go wrong with it! There are lots of variations of such office desks with additional storage solutions.

There are also bench desks, standing desks, corner desks, etc.

Basically, the choice is up to you. White office furniture, in general, provides numerous advantages and benefits; therefore, the shape is mostly a matter of personal taste or physical demands and peculiarities.

A minimalistic style white office desk in London office.


The office chair

Your office chair is the crucial element that makes your workplace safe and comfortable and you - most efficient. It is essential that you choose a quality office chair that provides multiple adjustment options and proper support for your back, arms, lumbar and pelvic areas.

At the same time, the modern market is full of innovative design solutions for those ergonomic professional office chairs. They come in various colours, are made out of natural or synthetic materials and may have an edgy high-tech or a cosy traditional design.


Storage solutions

Your storage units can be an essentially functional and eye-catching design element at the same time. You can go with all-white office furniture and play with the shape and placement of your shelves and drawer units. Or vice versa, you can make the storage unite a powerful accent of the overall design choosing items of contrast colour, made out of metal, wood, etc.

Luckily, once you have a white office desk, it is easy to find matching pieces. At the same time, any colour and texture you like will instantly work as an eye-catching gravitation point of the interior.


Styling accessories

Suppose you are restricted with the choice of the shape of your white office desk, your office chair or the design and placement of the storage solution. In this case, various styling accessories can make a real difference and help you personalise the place.

Here are several design elements perfect for an office desk:

  • A lamp – not only can it be an additional source of light, but a stylish item that would set the tone to the overall space. Choose between classic, old-school designs or high-tech table lamps to express yourself through a functional design element;
  • Decorative prints – you can place them under the safety glass of your white office desk or pin to the memo board to turn it into a stylish creative college;
  • Stationary - numerous essential stationary objects come today in various stylish designs. From the cup for pens to markers and hard folders – the choice is limitless;
  • Small plants – various succulents and cupcake plants are a perfect solution that will bring some life into your workplace setup. They are low-maintenance, making them ideal for the office and come in various stylish pots, which also become design elements.


 An office is a place where you spend a significant share of your

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