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Where and how should you place an office desk?

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

A proper office desk is a vital element for your productivity at the workplace and overall success. Once it is adjusted for your heights and posture, has enough work and storage space and has a modern, appealing design, you will simply enjoy working behind it and create the overall well-balanced atmosphere in your office.

Mainly that is why today more and more businesses choose white office furniture. This trend allows them to optimise the space, helps combine and match different items and textures in one design and creates the overall airy atmosphere at the office with the effect of a wide-open space.

This solution makes the office image most appealing both with those who work in the office and those who visit it as customers, investors or business partners.

However, even the most advanced and high-quality office setup may be a waste of your time and money if you fail to arrange and place it properly in the office. And, of course, we all understand that the office desk is the centrepiece of the overall office setup that sets the tone for the whole workspace. That is why it is so essential to place it properly to get the most out of your white curved office desk, storage units and other elements.


Things you should know to find the perfect place for your office desk.

The essential thing you should remember is that there is no versatile and universal recipe for placing an office desk in the office.

First of all, it depends on the type of furniture itself, and placement principles of a white curved office desk may be different for those for a bench desk.

Also, all people are different and have different preferences. While some need to keep control of the whole workspace, others prefer to avoid distractions facing a wall or a corner.

And, of course, not all offices and office furniture setups provide for various placement variants.

Therefore some tips we provide in this article may be handy for you while others may appear irrelevant.

However, we have collected data from various workplace behavior experts, interior design professionals, and employees to determine the main focal points.


Make sure to avoid distractions.

Statistically, office employees who face the wall or their pinboard while working behind the office desk appear more efficient than those who place their desks facing their colleagues or windows.

This tendency is pretty understandable as facing the wall, you have much fewer destructions.

However, this approach does not always work. Some employees claim that facing a wall during the work process makes them feel claustrophobic, and otherwise, makes it harder to concentrate. Others argue that they get more distracted by noises without knowing where exactly they are coming from.

There may be several solutions for this case:

  • White office furniture – white colour broadens the space and eliminates the element of claustrophobia;
  • Curved office desk – they naturally have a wider workspace and push you away from the wall, making the area feel more spacious;
  • Placing office desks side to side – if space allows, you may place several office desks facing the wall but side-to-side. In this case, you can easily see what your colleagues are doing, communicate and respond to them with the least effort and movement.


Place your desk facing the window.

Placing an office desk in front of a window has numerous benefits:

  • The view can be an inspiration and a nice breaking routine that will help you reset your mind without the need to walk away from the workplace;
  • Using the daylight as much as possible is an eco-friendly solution. It helps your business save energy. Moreover, if you have white office furniture, the colour will reflect light helping you use the least electricity for lighting possible.


Place the desk the way you can easily see the entrance

Whether you sit in the office alone or share the space with several colleagues or subordinates, facing the entrance during the work also has its advantages:

  • Once someone enters or exits, you can see it instantly and clearly without having to turn around or stand up from your desk;
  • Once your position provides that you supervise other employees, you get complete visual control over the area;
  • If the work process includes lots of discussion and communication, people will instantly see whether you are busy or free for the talk;
  • It can be a crucial safety matter for certain offices that may face theft or have operated in problematic neighborhoods, or deal with a certain contingent.


You may find numerous reports and reviews on the Internet that specific designs like white curved office desks or certain office chairs are hard to fit into particular interiors

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