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Space Saving Office Storage

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

A1 Office Furniture we have seen the rise of the compact office especially in large cities like London where office space is a premium and startups are aplenty. Making the most out of your office space is crucial for any business and the importance of this can be seen in the range of space saving office furniture that is now being manufactured across the UK.

In this post, we are going to look at 5 ways you can increase space in a small office with some simple hacks.

5 Ways to Increase

  1. Keep your working space organized – it sounds simple but as a home, if it's messy and unorganized you can quickly start to think your small office could start looking smaller than it is.
  2. Keep color in mind - light colors can keep a small office looking fresh and airy as appose to dark colors that can cause an office space to appear smaller. We suggest when picking furnishings, your goo for light either pastel or white tones with adding a splash of vibrant color this will attract the eye around the room and making it feel bigger.
  3. Well Placed Lighting – well-placed lighting against carefully chosen colors can really amplify the space in any room. White office furniture will bounce light around the room giving it a visual appearance that is larger than it is.
  4. Technical Equipment – Very few offices can operate without a computer and phone. But in smaller spaces try and hide certain elements like cabling use underfloor trunking to hide cables away from site. Store PC towers under desks and have you thought about storing wirless printers n a different room?
  5. Ergonomic Office Design – Consider the shape of your office furniture and what your employees will see when working from their desks. Ergonomic design


In this post we will be looking at the space saving office storage options that are becoming increasingly more popular.

Slimline White Mobile Pedestals – We have three ranges of slimline mobile and fixed pedestals. These pedestals can come in a range of colours and materials. We have steel space saving slimline mobile pedestals these metal pedestals come with 3 lockable drawers and measure at 300mm wide. We also have a range of slimline mobile and fixed pedestals these pedestals come with 2 drawers and one file drawer for the safe storage of office documents.

Tambour cupboards – Tambour Cupboards are great for space saving in the office as the door is built with a roll mechanism instead of on hinges meaning that you can open the door without using any additional space up on the office this means these cupboards can easily be used as dividers or in tighter spaces. We stock tambour cupboards in silver and white in three sizes the tall medium and uni tambour.

Slimline Desks - Are another ingenious way of saving space in compact offices or maximizing your office space. At A1 Office Furniture we stock a range of slimline desk that match our office storage slimline range and make a great space saving alternative to larger desks.

At A1 Office Furniture we want to work with you to make the most out of your office space. To do this contact us on 0845 450 8095. Or visit our white office furniture page to purchase online.

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