modern height adjsutable bench desks with red modesty panels

Modern Workstations: Modular Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
There are 3 main workstations modern offices use: Height adjustable desks Standing desks Bench desks Modern offices usually have one of the 3 abo...
modern office furniture including operator chairs and height adjustable desks

Modern Office to Meet Employees Satisfaction

By Sam Knijff
Having an on trend office will not only give a great impression to your customers but it will also help productivity and motivation within your emp...
white cantilever office desk with two drawers

How to choose the perfect desk?

By Sam Knijff
There is such a thing as a prefect desk. When choosing your desk there are things to consider, colour being one of them. White bench desks and othe...
busy open plan office with curved office desks and desk screens

Create stunning desk formations with our desks

By Sam Knijff
Having an open plan design is a popular trend for office at the moment. As well as that using bench desks give you the choice on the formation that...
busy people in office environment

4 Alternative Office Furniture Products That Boost Productivity

By Sam Knijff
W. Clement once said: You’re a product of your environment. Choose the environment that will boost your efficiency. To that effect, how can you set...

How to take your business to the next level?

By Sam Knijff
Is it time to move your business up to the next level? Give your office the professional and clear image with white office furniture and white offi...
schematics of office desks and other office furniture in London

The Best Desks for modern Office

By Sam Knijff
Modern offices can have man looks. Trying to pin point the standard image is impossible, but white office furniture and bench desks is the way to a...
White bench desks London

Three Benefits to using bench desks when planning your office.

By Sam Knijff
There are many benefits to using bench desks in your office. The top three are: Bench desks come in many sizes helping space saving in offices. Be...
3d rendering of bar graph depicting growth in productivity in London

What are the benefits to productivity from a modern working environment?

By Sam Knijff
Instead of a cramp and cluttered office, a modern working environment with modern office furniture can boost productivity within the workforce. You...
white curved office desk with desk high mobile pedestal

Curved Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
Curved office furniture is an ideal solution to maximise space and create a prefect working environment for you and your employees. Whether you usi...
white curved desks office London

Why White Office Furniture is Still Proving Popular in 2021

By Sam Knijff
White office furniture sales have soared in 2021 and is still going strong as we have entered 2021. Maybe it is because of the neutral colour that ...
modern office interior with predominantly white office furniture

How businesses are using white as a primary colour for all office furniture and the benefits to this.

By Sam Knijff
It is important for businesses to present themselves with a professional image. White office furniture does just that, giving the office clear and ...