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White office desks available in Wembley.

Why Choose White Office Desks

By Sam Knijff
- 10 minutes read

White office desks are one of the most popular products that we supply at A1 Office Furniture. Sam Knjiff MD believes this is because of their contemporary feel and modern finish. We stock a huge range of white office desks and all our furniture is sourced with quality and durability at the forefront of our team’s mind.

The white office desks we stock come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our growing customer base.

  • Curved Desks
  • Straight Desks
  • Wave Desks
  • Bench Desks
  • Executive Office Desks

Why is white office furniture seen as the modern choice for the contemporary office?

At A1 Office Furniture we believe that white office desks are the modern choice for businesses due to its clean and minimalistic feel. As in most cases, modern décor can quickly become dated white office furniture allows you to change up certain elements to keep your workspace fresh by changing a colour or accessories within the office. The colour white also holds reflective benefits that allow the light to naturally flow around the room. Keeping an office space bright and with an airier feel is paramount to the phychology of a productive workspace that we will cover later in this article.

Adding a Tint of Colour to your white office furniture?

We have talked about the benefits of this in detail in other posts. There are some key reasons you would introduce colour to your modern white office desks, below we have outlined a few of these.

Vibrant Colour – Adding a vibrant colour creates enthusiasm throughout the office.

Branded Colour- You can add your brand colour in screens mouse mats and even chairs

Refresh Office Quickly – A stagnate workplace tends to be one that is not productive. Easily changing coloured accessories can give your office a fresh feel without replacing the white office desks you have purchased. Making it an inexpensive alternative to changing the whole office.

Separating Teams – In the larger office, we have seen colour used to separate areas within the office. Different teams re-associated with different colours.

Choose the white office furniture size wisely

The whole purpose of white office furniture is to create a productive modern office environment, with a bright and airier feel. So, space planning is crucial to making this goal become a reality, over-cramming an office with oversized desks is a sure-fire way to defeat your main objective of making a clean and productive workplace for you and your team. Our range of white office desks come in varying shapes and sizes. You can contact us the sales team at A1 Office Furniture for advice on this. Our management team have combined the experience of 40 years helping business across the country with their office furniture needs. Our aim is to make the most out of your office space and create a productive workspace for your employees.

The Most Popular of the range of desks is the White Office Bench Desks – Why is this?

White office furniture consisting of desk and desk-height pedestal.

The Bench desk is one of our most popular products this is because of its simple and sturdy design. It is also compact and sleek in design providing more positions in a smaller office with looking cramped or overcrowded. The bench desk is a favourite across a vast range of industries from call centres to the design centre.  These desks are great for growing businesses due to the add-on feature that allows you to purchase more desks later to which will easily fit on to your existing positions.

Sourced with quality and durability in mind?

Our white bench desks are sourced with the build quality in mind office desks should be durable as they have daily use and we take the quality off of our product very seriously.

The two main features that make these desks so durable and hard wearing are the metal to metal fixings & the 25mm thick tops. These two features make the desks sturdy and hard wearing.

Metal to Metal Fixings why are they important in a quality white bench desk?

This type of desk fixing provides extra strength to the frame of the desk. It also means that it is simple to dismantle and reassemble should you move offices without weakening the desks as it would do if it was a wooden fixing. When purchasing a white bench desk always check its metal to metal fixings this will give you an idea of the high quality of the furniture you are purchasing.

25mm Fixed Top

25mm fixed tops provide you with a hard-wearing sturdy top. The thickness reduces the risk of a bowing desktop over time. The reduced risk of bowing allows these desks to be an investment and great value for money. You will be able to get many years out of your desk n your office with high use because of the thick tops and sturdy design. With this thickness of tops, you also get softer edging to the side of the desk bearing in mind your standard employee will spend upwards off 8 hours a day sitting at their white office bench desks you want to ensure it’s comfortable and durable for them to be as productive as possible.

White Office Bench Desks Are an Inexpensive Option?

The white bench desk we stock is hard wearing and durable and inexpensive when you compare the price against the quality of desks you are getting for your money. The white bench desks start from £124 + Vat per position. We hold a huge amount of these desks in stock and they are available for next day delivery.

Are white office desks are designed with health & safety in mind?

White Office Desks are designed with health and safety in mind it’s your responsibility to ensure that you provide a healthy and safe working environment for your staff. White desks come with leveling feet to ensure the desk can be the correct position to ensure the comfort of your staff. Other health and safety features include cable management portholes for easy management of cables and IT equipment. As an optional extra you can purchase cable management trays that keep all cables orderly and secure underneath the desk keeping them off floor level and away from accidental trips and falls.

All are white office desks are sourced to be functional hard wearing and affordable. These are the practical reasons for buying an office desk, but did you know there is also psychology behind the colour white and why it is so popular in offices.

White helps make space feel bigger cleaner and large open spaces are proven to make people calmer and more relaxed. Therefore, interior designers have stuck to shades of white when working in the smaller areas of homes and offices like hallways etc. White also goes with all colours so you can easily create warm tones within your minimal office space. Providing your clients with a calm and relaxed environment is key to having a productive workspace it is shown that people who feel calm and relaxed at work will be more proactive in the hours they are at work. It is also shown that the type of environment that white office furniture creates an inspiring environment perfect for designers and creative thinking sessions.

There is a bonus that way white office promotes cleanliness in the office place after all when you invest in new white office desk for your company you want to make sure that your staff take care of the environment that you have created for them.

White Office Desks is not all we can help you with.

white office storage furniture London

 We stock a large range of matching white office storage t help you organize your office and the storage needs of your team. When aiming to create e a clean a productive working environment it is not a good idea to have al your files on display this is proven to make staff feel overworked when they can see a large number of files. We can provide you with a full range of white office storage to meet your needs from under desk pedestals to large tambour storage. The benefit with some of our large tambour cupboards Is that although the main colour will be white matching your new office desks you can also change the colour of the doors to match your branding identity or bring a splash of colour to your office space. For more information on white tambour cupboards and changing the colours of the doors contact the team at A1 Office Furniture today who will be more than happy to help you.

If you now believe that white office furniture is the way that you want to go contact the team at A1 Office Furniture on 0845 450 8095. Alternatively, you can buy securely through our shop by visiting the White Office Furniture section of our shop.

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