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White Desks the Matching Storage Options Explained

White Desks the Matching Storage Options Explained

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

At A1 Office Furniture we understand the importance of providing your employees with matching storage for their white desks. White Desks with storage create a clean and tidy office environment for your employees. It is proven that a clean and tidy office increases wellbeing and productivity which are both good for your staff and business.

In this post, we are going to be looking at the different white desks with storage options available through A1 the White Office Furniture Specialist.

White Under Desks Storage –

Fixed White Pedestals – This type of desks storage is normally a two-draw filing cabinet that is fixed onto the desk itself. These White office desks with storage are very popular in compact offices and call center setups due to their fixed design.

White Mobile Pedestals –

White under desk mobile pedestals are a great way to allow flexibility in your desk storage. These are usually made up of one file drawer and two normal sized draws for stationary and important paperwork. This type of white mobile storage is perfect for hot desk environments and open plan offices, as they can be moved easily

White Desk High Pedestal –

Desk High Pedestals are great for expanding the working space for your employees. As with this range of desk storage the desk and the pedestal but together creating more space. We see this type of white office storage used in larger offices or in management offices as it does take up more floor space so not ideal for large call center operations.

White Storage Cupboards –

We stock a range of white cupboards in three sizes small medium and large. The three options come with lockable doors for securing personal items and secure documents. This range of white storage compliments are desk range perfectly to ensure that you can provide your team with additional storage apart from their desk storage.

White Desk High Storage Cupboard –

White Desk high storage is a perfect way to extend the space of a desk further than the desk high pedestal. This is the perfect white desk storage for the executive office furniture.

White Tambour Storage Cupboards –

The white metal tambour cupboards come in two sizes one shelf or three these are perfect for large offices as they are hard wearing and durable. Also, metal holds certain fire-resistant properties, so they are great for storing important folders and paperwork.

To order your white office desk matching storage you can contact the team at A1 Office Furniture who will be more than happy to help you. You can view our full range of white office storage by clicking the link here.



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