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Creating an Inspiring Boardroom

By Sam Knijff
- 1 minutes read

Boardrooms are a place for creating objectives reviewing goals and inspiring your teams, so how do you create a room to match these needs.

At A1 Office Furniture we specialize in providing furniture to forward thinking businesses who are looking to achieve a contemporary look and feel in their own offices. In this post we give you three simple tips to  consider when designing your new boardroom.

Every business is different in its wants and needs and uses for its meeting room. We can work with you to provide a full range of white office meeting room furniture. Here are top three tips for creating a productive meeting space.

Careful space planning – make sure you are aware of the space you are working with a large rectangular boardroom table can make rooms look very small.

Avoid Clutter – In some instances you will want to have matching white side cupboards by try to keep these to a minimal as you don’t want your boardroom doubling up as a storage unit. Having adequate storage for them room is crucial though so consider what needs to be in the room stationary, projectors & other IT equipment.

Cable management – it sounds crazy and such a small aspect, but cable management should be considered to keep your meeting room clear and tidy. It gives the room a more controlled feel if functional cables are concealed where possible.

A1 Office Furniture stock a large range of white meeting room furniture and can help you get exactly what you are looking for. In a hurry for your new furniture you could find what you are looking for in our next day delivery range by clicking here.

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