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Office Furniture with Next Day Delivery

By Sam Knijff
This year we have launched our range of next day delivery office furniture. It has been going really well, we did this after seeing demand for peop...
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Different Desk Types Explained

By Sam Knijff
Looking around our site you can see that we stock a range of different desks types, why is this? There are different desk types as over the years o...
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More Than Just a Bench Desk

By Sam Knijff
Desks are more than just desks. They are an asset to your company and choosing the right ones for your office is important. White bench style desks...
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Office Screens and Desk Partitions: A Buyer’s Guide

By Sam Knijff
There are great advantages to have office screens and other bench desk accessories to help make partitions on your office desks. There are also dif...
Office Furniture for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Office Furniture for Schools, Colleges and Universities

By Sam Knijff
Office furniture for a schools, colleges and universities is just as important as class room furniture. Why not go for modern office furniture incl...
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Balancing Style & Practicality in The Workplace

By Sam Knijff
Getting the right balance of style and practicality with white bench desks can help maximise the productivity within your business. Great first imp...
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Why you should use desk dividers in your office

By Sam Knijff
Collaborative spaces and open office plans are quite popular, however, open spaces results in some major drawbacks. Some privacy and separation is ...
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Create stunning office layouts with our desks

By Sam Knijff
Creating a visual impact within your office can show your customers how professional and business worthy you are. Using bench desks and modern offi...
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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk

By Sam Knijff
There are many reasons for replacing your office desk. Have you considered replacing it with white bench style desks? There are 5 main signs why yo...
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Modern Workstations: Modular Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
There are 3 main workstations modern offices use: Height adjustable desks Standing desks Bench desks Modern offices usually have one of the 3 abo...
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How to choose the perfect desk?

By Sam Knijff
There is such a thing as a prefect desk. When choosing your desk there are things to consider, colour being one of them. White bench desks and othe...
busy open plan office with curved office desks and desk screens

Create stunning desk formations with our desks

By Sam Knijff
Having an open plan design is a popular trend for office at the moment. As well as that using bench desks give you the choice on the formation that...