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Are White Desks Good for a Small Office?

By Sam Knijff
- 7 minutes read

Office spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes office space can be limited, and you have to make the most of the small space you have, this is why often people choose small white office furniture and white desks. Keeping a smaller desk in your office means it can be placed into unused corners, either straight or wrapped around, or awkward shaped or sized areas such as underneath staircases. The design of your office space from the desks you chose to the office chairs and storage cupboards will set the tone for the working environment and the productivity of your employees. Even with limited space, it is possible to create a sophisticated aesthetically pleasing office layout using the white colour.

White Desks Make Your Office Appear Bigger

When space is limited, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. This is where the colours you choose will make a huge difference. Using white desks and white furniture will help open up your workspace. The colour white is the best choice for small spaces as it reflects light and makes the room itself appear bigger even if the space is limited. It is highly recommended to use white office furniture and white desks in small office spaces. If you have several white desks laid out together, it will make your space look clean, minimalistic, and open, not cluttered, and full which is what want for a smaller space.  

You Re-Arrange Your Office Layout

White furniture is extremely versatile. If you choose to use white desks, most manufacturers produce a range of other furniture products that you can easily match, even if you are on a budget. If you need a pedestal for additional storage space, you will be able to find the right sized white furniture to fit you space. White furniture can also be moved around as it matches with all colours, so you can play around with it until you are happy with your office layout, and it suits your needs. Even when you are extremely limited for space, a small white desk can be added to corners of the room without making it seems smaller, and it will be visually pleasing to the eye whilst keeping pathways clear for moving around the office.

Your Office Chairs Will Match

Office chairs are extremely important in any office set up, but especially important if you have a small office space with limited room to move around, stretch and walk. Choosing the correct ergonomic chairs that comfortable and offer back support is crucial in a work environment. They will reduce eye strain, back and neck pain, but most of the time office chairs only come in limited colours, usually blacks or grey. If you choose white desks and white furniture, any office chair including black and grey will match, and this will not be an issue. The most important aspect when deciding on which office chairs to go for is comfort for your employees, and by using white furniture you can still prioritize this without compromising on the style or overall look of your office.

It’s Stylish and Aesthetic

Even with a lack of space, you do not have to compromise on style or comfort when it comes to using white furniture and white desks, there is a huge range of  attractive furniture available in white which will make your office look clean. Then you can either stay with the sleek, clean, modern look or you can style it from there. Sometimes it may be difficult to be taken seriously as a company if you are working out of a small office space, but if your office looks professional and gives the impression that the layout and design has been well planned and designed, any visiting clients will be impressed with what you have done with it. Potential clients will immediately connect this with the thought that you will do the best you can with their work and make the most of your resources in business terms too.

White is Inspiring

As well as being a colour that helps you make the most of your space, the colour white is known to promote a sense of well being in the office. It’s neutral and non-distracting so even offices with large workspaces will chose to have white desks. It’s a calming colour which is also stimulating but can be balanced out by adding a touch of other colours if desired, there is so much you can do with it. Even if you have white furniture and white desks you can choose to paint your walls any colour to personalise your office space to match your brand colours, and it will still seem professional. A nice environment means you will have a happy workforce, which means they will be more productive and that is exactly what you want.

White Desks Encourage Collaboration

The colour white is known to encourage openness and trust. If you have a small team and you want to encourage morale, using white desks and white furniture will be beneficial. Small interactive areas can be created using white furniture which will allow your employees to network and think more creatively, sharing ideas and brainstorming. The white minimalistic style of suing white furniture is also less likely to interrupt your employees train of thought by being less distracting in a smaller space where the movement of others may already be a distraction.

If you want to make the most of your office space and are on a budget getting a white desk and other white furniture can make all the difference. A simple white desk can transform the look of your small office into a larger area instantly. A white desk will already match your existing office colours and match with any office chairs. It is a great hack for smaller office spaces to create the most impactful change.  Have a look at our wide range of white office furniture and white desks and accessories here  Awe can help you find the solution for your small office spaces at affordable price to suit all your office furniture needs.

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