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Benefits of Good Office Furniture

Benefits of Good Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

Employees spend most of their day 8-10 hours at work, which is a considerable amount of time, so the office environment is important. It can affect a person’s mood and therefore productivity. Most people consider factors such as the office layout, structure, temperature, cleanliness as being important to making the environment a comfortable workspace, but often overlook the importance of good office furniture and office chairs. Choosing the right white desks and furniture can help boost productivity and employee morale. Good office furniture sets the scene for professionalism and expectations.


Setting the right scene with your office furniture can promote professionalism and trustworthiness. In some ways the furniture you chose represents your company, the vibe of the environment you create also says a lot about how you run your business. Research has shown white desks are great for encouraging openness. Choosing sleek, modern office furniture and office chairs can help transform the image and reputation of your company and business. Good office furniture helps to create an atmosphere of reliability, efficiency, and stability, which is especially important if you have clients and customers visiting your site. Your office furniture will reflect your brand, so you should always try to make it as positive and welcoming as you can.

Ergonomic Design

Furniture that is designed ergonomically is specifically created to maximize efficiency as well as comfort, this is usually the best type of furniture to have in the office environment. Ergonomic furniture not only makes the most of the office space by creating furniture that is easy to use, it is also aesthetically pleasing and encourages employees to spend that little bit of extra time at work to finish off tasks or go onto the office to make the most of their working hours. Office furniture should be pleasant to look at but not too distracting. The visual aspect of the office is crucial and can even keep your employees motivated and inspired. Contemporary, minimalist designs inspire people to work faster and more productively on a subconscious level. 

Choosing the right office furniture will help your office space look open and spacious. Reducing clutter, helps to be more organized and helps thoughts and ideas flow, but also loos good to visitors and clients. It shows that you run an organized business and confidential paperwork has been filed away, secure from sight. Everything can be found easily and there is much less stress.

Specially design furniture can also help encourage or enhance collaboration across teams and co-working who are comfortably sharing the workspace. It makes employees more approaches and supports team spirit.

Health Benefits

As well as increasing the productivity of your employees, good office furniture is extremely important for the health of your employees. Poorly designed office environments with incorrectly sized or shaped office furniture can be detrimental to your employee’s mindset and ability to work. You should always aim to create the most comfortable and appealing office space you can, this can be simply done with for example using white office furniture which is a neutral colour.

Choosing the right office chairs is equally as important as they help maintain good back support and posture. This is important because working in the office requires sitting at a desk working for several hours. An office chair with lumbar support can help prevent backpain and stiff necks as well as poor posture from long term use. An ergonomic backrest will mimic the shape of your spine’s natural curve and keeps employee’s backs upright. Sitting at a 90 degree angle also helps blood circulation, which means nutrients and oxygens flows around the body going to all the major organs and muscles in the body which will in turn help increase productivity. Office chairs with wheels are ideal as they can encourage movement, they also come with ergonomic arm rests which helps arms to stay relaxed.  

Good office furniture is also designed to make it easier to do certain tasks, for example curved desks give enough space to work on a computer but also do paperwork to the side without the restriction of movement.

Modern Office furniture allows you to have more control over your individual workspace set up. As everyone is a different size, shape and height this is comes in useful. Good office furniture is often customizable, it has adjustable height settings, and accessible shelves and cupboard along with suitable padding and back support.

Other additions such as monitor arms can be added onto desks when using a computer to help reduce eye strain and vision blurriness as they can be used to adjust the height of the monitor to suit individual needs.

Having good quality furniture can help prevent illnesses such as carpal tunnel and arthritis and other work-related injuries. Keeping employees happy and healthy will mean they are less likely to be sick and therefore take fewer sick days off which will save your business money in the long term.

Increase Productivity

There is nothing better than employees looking forward to going into work and being in the office space enjoying what they do. Good furniture creates a happy work environment that’s comfortable and increases the community of your employees.

Good office furniture helps get the job done easier. There should be less need for employees to walk around and move to stretch their legs from the discomfort of being at their desk which means higher productivity.

Save Money

Not only does good quality office furniture mean you will save money in the long run by having to replace it less, but it also creates a working environment that people want to stay and work in, so it means higher employee retention and less rotation, which will also save you money. Existing staff will also be more productive if the environment is comfortable. If the need to adapt furniture or change its location etc., arises, if you have bought good furniture, it will be versatile and easy to move around.

Cover Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash  

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