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What Is A 'Contemporary' Office Desk?

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

Contemporary furniture is essentially modern office furniture designed to be highly stylish but still with a focus on comfort and functionality in mind. White office furniture and white desks are the most popular colours used for contemporary office looks due to their versatility, modern and stylish looks. White furniture is clean, minimalistic and can match all colour palettes and designs no matter what colour your office environment, walls and other furniture is. White as a colour is known to invite openness and trust which is important for any business, so going for white office furniture is a good choice especially if clients are going to visit your office space. If you find a white office desk that is suitable for your needs in terms of style, size and design, you will have no problem finding other white furniture such as fling cabinets, and storage cupboards to match it as white is such a universal colour.

Modern Designs

Curved white desks give that perfect aesthetic for a modern feel but also a practical solution to having a workspace for your laptop / desktop and also saving some free desk space to creatively work with pen and paper of sign paper documents making your workspace more ergonomic. A curved desk helps to reduce carpal tunnel and other discomfort such as eye strain and back and neck pain as there is more room to manoeuvre between tasks. They allow more room for storage such as draws or cabinets underneath them and also create room for pedestals which can also be cover by the desk itself, making it look more visually appealing form the outside.

Table legs are usually designed for better stability, sometimes using wider legs to support the weight of heavy equipment on the desk such as computers and monitors. Stylish table legs also add to the overall contemporary look to white desks.

Contemporary desks often appear to support a “clutter free environment”, with added features such as wire management and cable trays so unsightly cables can be hidden from sight, which also double as a safety feature reducing trip hazards. Hiding away wires creates a much cleaner, open, and free office environment to work which has been scientifically proven to boost productivity.

If a full white desk looks too clinical, white desks with black legs are available which give a pop of colour to your office space and a bit more of an edgy modern furniture feel.

Even circular white tables can be incorporated into your office environment, to break up your work areas and create a more intimate space for discussions and personal interaction between smaller groups of people, perhaps brainstorming over a cup of coffee. White furniture can be available in many different styles and sizes to create a full office look where idea can flow from one area to the next.

Space Saving

Contemporary office desks are now more flexible than ever, even if office space needs to be flexible for use, you can purchase foldable desks that can be taken out when needed and then stored away when the space needs to be used for another purpose. Again, white desks in a bench style are the most versatile, as they can also been moved from one location to another, such as different rooms in a building that has different colour walls, and white desks will match with everything. Many desk designs can be found to fit smaller spaces or corners of the office which may not be able to be used for other purposes. A contemporary look makes the most of all available space without looking too cluttered and full. White desks and white furniture reflect light to make the office look more spacious, clean, and pleasant to work in. 


Contemporary furniture is often made with the use of technology in mind as we have moved into a digital word. Everything is now online. Some desks even contain wireless chargers but for most companies this is a little excessive and simple white desks and white furniture boost the mood of the employees, which makes them happy and in turn drives productivity. 

Modern desks are often built with the use of the latest technology in mind. They usually have greater connectivity options such as additional USB ports and connection boxes built in, or areas where they can be fed through. Modern furniture design eliminates waste of space and discomfort so is highly efficient so helps business save time and money.

Mounted Monitor Arms

Modern office furniture that is designed to be comfortable, for long working hours. It is designed with computer use in mind, the computer screen is usually easily accessible, and it puts less strain on the eyes. Modern office furniture often comes with a mounted monitor arm, or this can be added separately. These help to enhance the work environment by giving employees the option to adjust the monitor’s height, depth and angle the monitor to suit the correct height for them either seated or standing. Adjusting the ergonomics of their desk set up will help reduce back, shoulders and neck pain, as well as reducing eye strain. This will make the everyday working environment more comfortable, especially for longer working hours or repetitive work. Double mounted monitor arms can also be fitted to desks when dual monitors are being used. These arms can come in the colour white to match white desks and white furniture. 

If you want to uplift your office space but are on a budget or don’t want to replace all of your furniture, getting a white desk can make all the difference. A simple white desk free of clutter can transform your office into a contemporary space instantly. A white desk will already match your existing office colours, so it is the simplest option for the most dramatic change.  Have a look at our wide range of contemporary office desks and accessories here, including an array of white desks and white office furniture @A1OfficeFurniture.  All at affordable price to suit all your modern office furniture needs.



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