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3 tips to let you get the most out of your white office furniture.

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

White office furniture is a relatively new phenomenon in interior design. Until recently, white colour was considered to unpractical for an office and therefore remained a prerogative of luxurious interiors or hospitals, where constant cleaning is an integral part of everyday routine.

Moreover, hardly could anybody say that the white colour is decorative. It is a wonderful canvas for any design, but can you really make it dominant and decorate the space with white colour?

However, recently, white office furniture has become one of the hottest trends in interior design. The world`s leading companies, as well as innovative start-ups, adopt the idea of using primarily white colour in their office furniture as well as the overall workspace design.

In this article, we shall provide three cutting-edge tips that will help you and your business benefit most from white office furniture and decorating your office with white elements.

Shades of white

First of all, let`s clarify that white is one of the most complicated colours. Despite the common belief that it is boring and formal, white is an extremely multidimensional colour that can change and adjust according to the lighting in the room and therefore fit any interior.

Pure white colour looks great in edgy modern designs with a touch of futuristic hi-tech. Those bright glossy white office desks reflect light, creating a dynamic atmosphere in the office. It encourages people to be more productive, focus on their work and comes up with fresh ideas and unconventional solutions, feeling that they create a future together.

If you are aiming at a more relaxed atmosphere in the office, you may choose Eggshell of Ivory white. These muted shades can be a perfect accent colour in the office and a canvas for the interior design. Unlike the Pure fluorescent white that goes great with chrome or bright contract colours, Eggshell or Ivory look best with pastels and earthy colours. They create a more “homey” atmosphere at the workplace while preserving the main features of white office furniture, such as:

  • Reflecting light and making the workplace look and feel brighter while saving energy;
  • Helping employees concentrate and focus on their work;
  • Encouraging people to keep their workplaces clean and sanitary safe.

Another option is to use the so-called Weathered or Creamy white in your office interior. It is a shade of white with visible or microscopic grey and brown particles, which create warm or cold shades.

This shade of white is perfect for combination with natural materials such as wood and stone are creating a rustic, neutral-coloured office interior that will use all the benefits of the white office furniture while easily adopting trendy natural materials, colours and textures.


3 tips to using white in your office interior

1 – Use white as the centrepiece

White can be a perfect dominant colour in your office interior. A white office desk in the room instantly draws attention and creates a focal point. A visitor who enters the room instantly sees where to address.

You can also use white as the overall theme of your office design. Combining different warm or cold shades of white, you create a bright, lightweight atmosphere in the room that feels clean and fresh throughout the whole day. White office furniture reflects daylight helping you save electricity.


2 – Use white as a canvas

White is the most versatile colour in the world. It can easily combine with any other colours, shades, textures and materials, from sharp fluorescent accents and chrome elements to rustic designs and pastel colour palettes.

Buying a white office desk or a white cabinet, you create a perfectly versatile canvas for an effortless design. You can support the bright theme with accessories, folders and office equipment of the same palette or choose bright elements and contrast colours for powerful visual effects. 

The best thing about white office furniture is that you can easily change the entire atmosphere and image of the workplace without having to replace the whole office setup. It makes white office furniture a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for modern companies.


3 – Introduce white gradually

The biggest mistake people make when they decide to adopt white colour into their office interior is changing the whole setup at once. Even if your budget allows you to refurbish the whole office today, it may be wise to “dip a toe” before you dive into the trend.

White is a powerful, dominant colour that will change the whole look and atmosphere of your workplace. In case you are not looking for a total makeover but still want to benefit from using white office furniture, we would strongly recommend starting with a white office desk.

Being the core and centrepiece of any workspace, a white office desk will allow you to experience all benefits and discover possible undertones of a white office setup. It will introduce some light into the office, be a fresh focus element of the design and at the same time let you understand whether white office furniture is really as demanding as you thought. 


In fact, 9 out of 10 customers claim that a white office desk has changed their professional life entirely, encouraged them to keep their workplace clean and helped them stay focused and open-minded through the whole workday in a bright and airy office. Today it is your turn to discover all the benefits and perspectives white office furniture can offer you and your company.


All white everything? No thanks, I’ll stick to my wooden furniture. But it’s good to know what the other side thinks.

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thanks for this insight

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