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Must-Have Office Furniture: The Key Items for Your Workspace

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

Since people realized that they might spend up to a third of their lives in offices, office furniture has become one of the world's biggest and fastest developing industries. The modern office furniture market offers new items and models every year. Some of them are simply modifications of the evergreen classics like the essential office desk or chair. Others seem pretty revolutionary and innovative and claim to change the way we see office work forever.

However, proper office furniture should help you create a comfortable and safe work environment where you and your colleagues could be most productive during the workday. Over cluttering as well as lack of the essential office furniture may lead to a certain level of discomfort and will inevitably harm the overall workflow.

Let's talk about the office furniture essentials so it would be much easier for you to make informed decisions and create a perfect office setup for your business.


Office Desk

Even the most minimalistic open-space office cannot do without the fundamental essentials of modern office furniture. An office desk is one of them.

Today computers are not those monstrous devices that require massive office furniture. However, even if a notebook is quite enough for your work, you still need an office desk for the most productive work.

Working with a notebook on a couch might seem pretty comfortable. However, it is pretty unhealthy for your back, posture and eyesight. Let's put it like this, a notebook allows you to work without an office desk, but it does not entirely eliminate the need for a proper office workplace. 

And here comes another question: what kind of office desk do you need? 

In fact, the modern office furniture market offers so many different office desks that it can be really hard to point out the one that will fit everyone. Your choice should depend on the following factors:

  • How much do you have to spend behind the desk;
  • What kind of work do you do behind the desk;
  • Whether you have to communicate with the rest of the team while working;
  • How big is the office, and whether the available space is enough for comfortable and safe work, or do you have to compromise and look for ways to optimize your setup.

In other words, an office setup and particularly the office desk that may suit your colleague or perfectly fit into your competitor's workspace, may not be the best variant for you.

However, there are some basic principles that will help you make the decision:

  • Consider a curved desk – curved desks have numerous advantages. They help you use the most out of the available space and provide additional support for your wrist, helping you feel comfortable throughout the whole workday;
  • Get white office furniture – a white office desk will makeover your office at once. White colour reflects light, instantly making the whole space brighter. Moreover, the white colour helps you concentrate and be more focused and productive at work. And, of course, having a white office desk, you will simply have to keep your workplace clean and tidy. It will definitely have a positive impact on your work.


A place for work, a place for leisure

A modern office is not all about working, being most productive and keeping "eyes on the price". Since the latest Pandemic has forced so many people to work from home, millions of office workers discovered numerous advantages of spending their work time in a comfortable and safe friendly environment of their own houses. Eventually, more and more modern companies try to review their workplaces and introduce some features of casual living space into them.

Whether you work alone in your office or share it with several colleagues, receive clients or hold business meetings in your workspace, it is a good idea to make it more casual and comfortable. It is possible to even in the most restricted and minimalistic places. For example, if you get white office furniture, the room will instantly feel more spacious because white colour reflects light and create a more cheerful, relaxed atmosphere in the office. 

Curved desks, ergonomic chairs, bright bookcases and a coffee corner will instantly make your office a multifunctional space where you can concentrate on your work and be able to take a break, relax, chat with your co-workers and receive visitors.


The modern office furniture market allows you to create a unique and perfectly comfortable working space that will meet the needs of your business and each team member. It is essential to choose pieces that will help you and your employees be more productive, feel comfortable at work and therefore remain motivated and encouraged to get your professional goals. 


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