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How To Create A Stress-free Work Environment?

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

Being stressed at work is pretty natural for most people. Deadlines, everyday assignments, responsibilities and force major situations are an inevitable part of any work process.

But sometimes we feel stressed at work without any particular reason. You may feel depressed just looking at your messy office desk, get irritated because of the squeaking drawer or feel like crying every time the office chair`s wheel gets jammed.

Stress naturally affects the way people feel about their work and career choices in general. Thousands of people admit that their office life differs so greatly from the expectations they had chosen their career path that today they feel depressed just thinking about their work.

Apparently, the office setup is one of the main reasons why many office employees say that they don`t feel motivated at work and look for opportunities to change their careers. Of course, staff turnover is every company`s worst nightmare.

In this article, we shall discuss how modern office furniture and an innovative approach to the office setup can help you create a stress-free work environment and help you and your team be more productive and motivated at work.


A clean and organized workplace

What can be more depressing than a messy, cluttered office desk? There is a reason why more and more companies today conduct a “clean desk” policy, encouraging their employees to keep papers, equipment and stationery that they don`t use right now off the office desk and arrange their workspaces every time they leave the office.

This approach helps people be more organized and teaches them to set priorities. While it may be hard for you or your team to instantly switch to a “clean desk policy”, you can encourage people to change their approach to their workplaces with proper office furniture.

Getting white office desks will instantly help you change the way you see your workspace. You will definitely want to keep it clean and neat, remove all stains and dust instantly and use coasters to prevent those notorious “Olympic rings” from coffee mugs on your office desk.

When you work in a clean, tidy and organized workspace, you instantly feel more confident and relaxed.


Comfortable and safe furniture

Getting quality modern office furniture will have a powerful psychological effect on your colleagues. Many office employees say that they feel underappreciated and therefore depressed at their workplace when they have to work behind uncomfortable desks that fall apart or sit on squeaky and fairly unsafe chairs.

The new office setup does not have to be expensive. But as long as it is a new, high-quality arrangement that includes ergonomically curved desks, comfortable chairs, necessary storage solutions, the whole team will feel motivated to give back to a company that takes care of them and their safety.

Not to mention that old and broken office furniture is the main reason for costly workplace accidents and sick leaves.


Personal touch

As we have already mentioned, more and more people learned to appreciate the comfort and safety of their homes working remotely while the Quarantine restrictions were in action. No wonder so many people feel stressed returning to their offices today and leaving their pets, dear plants and fuzzy slippers behind.

Encouraging employees to bring a personal touch to the office setup is a great opportunity to improve the environment in the workspace. Photos, posters, small plants or souvenirs are great reminders of our “safe places” that help to reduce stress and feel inspired even when the deadline approaches.

Getting white office furniture will be a great idea in this case. White colour is most versatile; it can combine with any colour pattern and serve as a perfect canvas for any accessories and decorative elements.

If your office is equipped with white office desks, white bookcases and other white furniture pieces, it will always feel spacious and bright even if each employee brings something from home and decorates their or common workplace.


Redecorate the office from time to time

Experts say that changes may be hard for many people, but they are perfect psychological stimulants that help us reboot our minds and take a fresh look at the daily routine.

Redecorating the office from time to time will help the whole team feel excited and encouraged to try a new approach to work or suggest unconventional solutions.

This idea may seem pretty costly at first sight. However, once you have white office furniture, redecoration can be perfectly effortless and easily fit even the tightest budget. Add or remove a couple of decorative elements, hand big watch or art pieces on the wall, change curtains if you have them or lighting. White office furniture will instantly “play along” and help you makeover your office entirely with only a couple of actual changes.

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