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Guide to Nova Bench Desks

Guide to Nova Bench Desks

By Sam Knijff
- 3 minutes read

Nova Bench Desks are A1 Office Furniture's best selling desks. This is because of the clean aesthetic design and exceptional functionality that it provides your office and users.

Why growing businesses choose the Nova Bench Desk System?

The Nova bench desks are great for growing businesses this is because of the progressive design that allows business owners and facilities managers can add workstations as the business grows. There is no limit to the amount of Nova Bench Desks that can be added end to end of an existing configuration. The Nova bench desk has been designed with a range of components that have been added to maximize the workspace and reduce financial implications for growing business owners.

Not only is the Nova Bench Desk System great for growing business it also a fantastic choice for evolving business?

As many business owners know the needs of offices are ever evolving.  This is not only when a business grows in staffing but also when the company moves in a new direction or needs an office change around to increase productivity. The Nova bench desks easily adapt to single desks or multi desk configurations to suit the evolving needs of your office.

What are the Nova Bench Desks Made Of?

The Nova bench desk range comes with a range of options three different frame styles and a variety of MFC and veneer tops. Complementing any interior office design, the Nova bench desk system has provided a contemporary look in offices for many years.

How Does the Nova Bench Desk Increase Collaborative working?

It would come as no shock that an effective team can finish crucial tasks faster and in a more efficient manner. Collaboration is encouraged in most work places across the UK, the reason for this is it encourages new ideas and challenging the normal process to increase productivity.  The Nova Bench Desk System is perfect for collaboration as it allows new desk configurations to be created dependent on the requirements of the team. This is perfect for when new project team shave been created.

Nova Executive Office Desks?

The Nova bench desk can be used as a stand-alone desk or configured into a side by side larger desk perfect for the busy executive. As the Nova range comes in a variety of finishes you can perfectly distinguish your executive office by choosing a contemporary finish form the Nova desk range.

How to Customize your Nova Bench Desk to give your office a unique & contemporary image?

The Nova bench desk comes with a range of added extras that you can add to customize your bench desk system. The options included screens, Modesty Panels & cable management. The screens are available in a huge range of colors. The team at A1 Office Furniture can help you select the right colour to match your brand and company identity.

A1 Office furniture hold the largest stock of Nova office desks in the UK. This allows us to negotiate huge savings and pass these on directly to you as our customer.

Below you can see a video on how are bench desks assembled:

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