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What Colour Desks Would Look Best in This Office?

What Colour Desks Would Look Best in This Office?

By Sam Knijff
- 7 minutes read

Psychologically speaking, colour has a profound effect on our minds, so choosing colours of your desks as part of your office space design is so important. Colours can affect our mood, and behaviour and therefore the productivity of your employees. Ideally you want to do all that you can to ensure they have a comfortable, stimulating work environment to encourage your team to work to the best of their abilities. The tradition is to go for white office furniture, white desks or those with natural wooden tones which remind us of the natural environment, but there is a lot of choice out there today.

Desk Colour Choices

Office furniture has come a long way, there are now a lot more colour choices and designs out there giving you more options. You don’t have to go for the mundane and switching the colour of your desks can also help boost the energy of your employees and inspire them. A change of colour can be perfect for the start of new projects or teams.

What Is the Impact of Each Colour?

Interior designers have been aware of the psychology behind colours for some time now and it is often considered whilst designing company office spaces.

Blue is calming and relaxing, and research has shown it to be one of the best colours to encourage productivity. It’s non-threatening and most popular with men, blue can sometimes induce feelings of sadness.

Black and brown are grounding colours which can be bold and powerful. Positive thoughts such as sophistication are often associated with this colour, however it is also seen in a negative light as it is often associated with villains in the film world.

Red can be exciting, strong, and passionate. It can stimulate discussions and exciting. Good for those who work in fast-paced environments, with constant changes. Neutral tones such as black, brown, or grey can be added to balance out its vibrance.

If happiness was a colour, it would be orange! Orange can boast energy levels, its vibrant and can boost enthusiasm. It’s warm and comforting. It’s also bright and can be used as an eye-catching accent combined with contrasting or neutral colours. It goes very well with white.

Grey is neat and soothing, a more natural tone.

All of these colours can be incorporated into your office design, mostly on the feature walls or accessory accents, but when it comes to the actual desk there is a reason white furniture is still the most popular worldwide – it just works. White is the most versatile office colour, and it evokes feelings of openness. White helps to promote focus and organization.


Why Choose White?

Opting for white office furniture and white desks helps to open up the workspace. It creates the illusion of a bigger space even if the actual space is not that big itself. White furniture enhances natural light which helps to make the work area brighter, that will uplift the mood of your employees and make them feel happier and feel good coming into the office to work. At the same time, it is still calming, and produces the right amount of ambience for both relaxation and stimulation. The calming element of white furniture can balance out bolder walls to stabilize moods.

White desks can give your office a modern, clean, and minimalistic look which is universal for everyone no matter what their favourite colour pallets are. It makes your office space look futuristic. Anyone visiting an office that is adorned with white future will feel that they are in an environment of order and productivity. Many people make the mental link between white and trustworthiness and honesty.

White Goes With Everything

White furniture in the office does not have to look clinical if accessorized correctly, or you could opt for a neutral wooden tone. These all go with various wall colours and schemes. Desks in other colours can be distracting, and in a work environment you want as little distractions as possible. Pops of colour can be added to white furniture make it bolder so you can still be edgy but neutralise with white furniture to give your office that modern stylish décor, which would reflect your ability to be forward thinking with your business.

Easy To Spot Dirt

White furniture also has the added bonus of being very easy to spot when its dirty and can be easily cleaned, a clean office means less sickness spreading to your employees and so they will take less time off work sick. Cleanliness is a professional look, especially for visitors or important clients visiting your office space. Their impression of your office will determine how they see your work ethic and business.

White Is Versatile

White furniture is versatile, you can choose monochrome or different colours. Having white furniture means if you change the colour of your office space, you won’t need to buy new furniture as white goes with everything. You can keep your white desks and white furniture with patterned wallpaper, dark walls or brightly painted walls and even white walls. It’s a very safe but stylish option that will never go out of fashion.

Heavy workloads and tight deadlines can lead to stress, adding a few green plants to the white desk can help mix in some natural features to make your office even more calming and stress free! Warmer colours will make your office cosier. If you have a busy fast-paced office, then it’s encouraged to use calming a soothing shade. Neutral colours with pops of colour will help inspire new ideas.

White Furniture Is a Good Choice

First impressions of your office and its design are important for clients and employees alike. Choosing the colour of your office desk can have an affect on the productivity of your staff, so it’s important to choose carefully. Not matter what colour walls you go for, white furniture and white desks will be the perfect fit. Another advantage of using white furniture is that there is so much variety out there in white. Have a look at our wide range of white desks and white furniture for all of your professional office needs.

Cover Photo by Rodeo Project Management Software on Unsplash

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